1. ECCC 2016 - Con Report
    04/15/2016 Lucy
    Events, Costumes & Cosplay

    ECCC 2016 - Con Report

    Wow, what a con! This was the first year Emerald City Comic Con expanded to four days instead of three. One more day of seeing fantastic cosplay, buying fantastic trinkets, and meeting our fantastic customers!

  2. Cosplay Predictions, 2016
    03/31/2016 Lucy
    Events, Costumes & Cosplay

    Cosplay Predictions, 2016

    There are a few costumes we’re expecting (and hoping) to see a lot of this year.

  3. Decemberville
    12/04/2015 Rae


    As a proud member of the Sellwood Westmoreland Business Alliance, we are taking part in this year's Decemberville event. And that is good news for you Portlandians! This Saturday, from 11am to 6pm we will be offering $5 off any...

  4. Little Boxes
    11/20/2015 Rae
    Events, Portland & Store

    Little Boxes

    Are you one of the many people who brave the raging hordes to take advantage of Black Friday deals? Do you have a holiday list full of people who could benefit from fun, new socks? Do you live near Portland...

  5. The Journey Ends
    11/04/2015 Rae

    The Journey Ends

    Well, we've traveled far and wide to share our dream of warm, fashionable feet across the country. While we were expecting to sell a lot of socks, we were surprised to find ourselves on an epic adventure to strange and wondrous...

  6. Geek Girl Con!
    10/07/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized, Events, Costumes & Cosplay

    Geek Girl Con!

    We had a blast at our latest event, Rose City Comic Con. Now it is time for us to bring our season to a close with one last event. Geek Girl Con is this weekend in Seattle, WA and we'll...

  7. Thar be DragonCon
    09/15/2015 Rae
    Events, Costumes & Cosplay

    Thar be DragonCon

    This year's Dragon Con was the busiest event of the season! This meant that not only were we able to share our socks with a whole new group of stocking enthusiasts, we also got to meet an exceptional number of...

  8. Socking a Dragon - Dragon Con 2015
    08/27/2015 Rae
    Events, Costumes & Cosplay

    Socking a Dragon - Dragon Con 2015

    Not long ago, in a forest just outside the city of Portland, a dragon awakened from his century long rest. The two headed beast bellowed and thrashed through the forest beyond the city walls. The people of Portland were frightened and...

  9. Stories from New England
    08/10/2015 Rae
    Events, Costumes & Cosplay

    Stories from New England

    For our latest adventure, the events team and I took flight across the country to participate in another comic book convention. This one took place in the gorgeous city of Boston, right on the Harbor. What a city! The days...

  10. Next Stop: Boston Comic Con
    07/24/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized & Events

    Next Stop: Boston Comic Con

    Yes! Sock Dreams is coming to New England. From July 31st to August 2nd, we will be bringing our socks, our con exclusives, and a bunch of free swag to Boston Comic Con. We will also bring with us a special...