1. Brand Spotlight: Zkano!
    05/25/2015 Zaffie
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    Brand Spotlight: Zkano!

    Zkano is the creation of second generation sock maker Gina Locklear. In 1991, Gina's parents opened up their sock knitting mill in Fort Payne, AL at a time when a huge percentage of the country's socks originated from there. These...

  2. Waves of Grain
    05/10/2015 Rosalind
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    Waves of Grain

    Dreamers Dara and Kori fell deeply in love with Waves of Grain Bakery nearly a decade ago, back when it was tucked away in Cannon Beach, one of the best vacation spots here in scenic Oregon. So you can imagine...

  3. Not All Socks Who Wander Are Lost
    05/08/2015 Rosalind
    Latest News & Lost Socks Memorial Day

    Not All Socks Who Wander Are Lost

    Maybe you’ve already read our latest Dreamer Dispatch, but in case you haven’t signed up yet, we just received word that Lefty, a sock who went missing and was presumed taken by gremlins or else sucked into the sock vortex...

  4. Dreamer Dress-Up: Flora & Fauna!
    04/27/2015 Zaffie
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    Dreamer Dress-Up: Flora & Fauna!

    Our Flora & Fauna Dreamer Dress-Up has ended, and oh my are we inspired! Prepare yourself for oodles of fun florals, with a dash or fantastic fauna to round it all out.   Our first winner...

  5. Brand Spotlight: The Big Tights Company!
    04/16/2015 Zaffie
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    Brand Spotlight: The Big Tights Company!

    Sock Dreams is pleased to introduce you to one of our newest suppliers: The Big Tights Company! These beautiful styles are produced on a knitting machine that has been customized with the higher end of Plus Size in mind. Features...

  6. Fun With FOTSIE!
    03/30/2015 Rosalind
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    Fun With FOTSIE!

    When we first found out about FOTSIE Wraps we had to have them, even though we were just going into the colder months. In addition to being one of the most original designs we've seen, they're also hand made in the...

  7. Sock Confidential
    03/10/2015 Rosalind
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    Sock Confidential

    Do you prefer to dream discreetly? We would like to take a moment to let you know that we are happy to send out packages without our company name on the exterior. Often people request this when ordering gifts for...

  8. Dreamer Dress Up Finalists: Amethyst and Violet
    02/25/2015 Rae
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    Dreamer Dress Up Finalists: Amethyst and Violet

    We had our best turn out yet for February's Dreamer Dress Up contest. The theme was Amethyst and Violet. In other words, shades of purple. We received some truly gorgeous submissions this time and we want to share them with you! ...

  9. la Fée Verte
    02/15/2015 Rosalind
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    la Fée Verte

    Some of you may have noticed over the years that we here at Sock Dreams are rather fond of our vices… while “sock hoarding” is probably the number one vice for most of us, we’re also fans of assorted boozes...

  10. A Valentine for YOU!
    02/06/2015 Rosalind
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    A Valentine for YOU!

    It's almost time for the most romantic of holidays, and while we know it's not for everyone, we still think it's a great excuse to to honor love of all kinds. LOVE Knee Highs from Gumball Poodle keep...