1. Dreamer Dress Up Finalists: Amethyst and Violet
    02/25/2015 Rae
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    Dreamer Dress Up Finalists: Amethyst and Violet

    We had our best turn out yet for February's Dreamer Dress Up contest. The theme was Amethyst and Violet. In other words, shades of purple. We received some truly gorgeous submissions this time and we want to share them with you! ...

  2. la Fée Verte
    02/15/2015 Rosalind
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    la Fée Verte

    Some of you may have noticed over the years that we here at Sock Dreams are rather fond of our vices… while “sock hoarding” is probably the number one vice for most of us, we’re also fans of assorted boozes...

  3. A Valentine for YOU!
    02/06/2015 Rosalind
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    A Valentine for YOU!

    It's almost time for the most romantic of holidays, and while we know it's not for everyone, we still think it's a great excuse to to honor love of all kinds. LOVE Knee Highs from Gumball Poodle keep...

  4. The Future Looks Socky
    01/13/2015 Rosalind
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    The Future Looks Socky

    You might not be aware of this, but some of us like to dabble in the divinatory arts... while none of us have the natural talents of Professor Trelawney (then again, her talents are subconscious, so we might be kind...

  5. Year-End Masquerade
    12/31/2014 Rosalind
    Portland, Latest News, Sellwood & Places

    Year-End Masquerade

    Well dreamers, the year is very nearly over. 2014 has been a pretty intense year for a lot of us, it seems, with ups and downs all over the place. As such, we wanted to end the year on a...

  6. Dreamer Dress Up: Snow Day!
    12/24/2014 Rae
    Latest News & Winter

    Dreamer Dress Up: Snow Day!

    Happy holidays dreamers! Things have been in full swing here at Sock Dreams HQ. We've been extra busy getting socks to their destined dreamers, whether they've been naughty or nice. All of that industriousness wont stop us from announcing this month's...

  7. Department Spotlight: Officers!
    12/19/2014 Rosalind
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    Department Spotlight: Officers!

    It is now late December, and as such our busy season is both thoroughly underway, and about to start winding down for “the Winter Lull”. The lull is really only about a week, during which people go into post-holiday hibernation...

  8. Holiday Shipping Dates for Domestic Orders
    12/02/2014 Rosalind
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    Holiday Shipping Dates for Domestic Orders

    Well dreamers, the international order dates we posted last month are slowly dwindling away, but there's still plenty of time for all of our friends here in the USA to receive their socks (and winter stickers -- just request one in an...

  9. Fall Into Winter Finalists!
    11/25/2014 Rae
    Latest News, Winter, Autumn & Photo Contest

    Fall Into Winter Finalists!

    In our second edition of our Dreamer Dress Up competition we saw a lot of ingenuity in the way our dreamers took warm weather clothes and changed them into cold weather outfits with Sock Dreams socks and accessories. Here is...

  10. Free International Shipping and Stickers for Winter!
    11/11/2014 Rosalind
    Latest News, Winter, Christmas & Stickers

    Free International Shipping and Stickers for Winter!

    We're just three weeks in to autumn, but we're already preparing for the December holidays! Why? Because we're offering free USPS First Class International Shipping until the end of November! This way our friends overseas can order holiday socks in...