1. We've Got the Scariest Stickers for Halloween!
    10/01/2015 Zaffie
    Latest News & Halloween

    We've Got the Scariest Stickers for Halloween!

    Happy Octoberween, everyone! We don't know about you, but this is hands-down one of our favourite times of year. Fall has just hit and we have a month of jack-o-lanterns, candy, and cheesy black and white horror films to look...

  2. Style Spotlight: Peony & Moss
    09/23/2015 Rosalind
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    Style Spotlight: Peony & Moss

    It’s been a few months since we first brought in some anklets from Peony & Moss for summer, which just means that we’ve had that long to fall even more in love with this company! We’ve seen an awful lot of...

  3. Our (Sock) Dream Outfit Contest Winners!
    09/01/2015 Rosalind
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    Our (Sock) Dream Outfit Contest Winners!

    We've just concluded our second-ever Pinterest contest, and we have to say, these were some pretty impressive submissions! Narrowing our options down was tough, but we finally managed to select six winners who really conveyed the "Back-to-School" theme, while showcasing our...

  4. A Happy Birthday Sale!
    08/25/2015 Zaffie
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    A Happy Birthday Sale!

    In celebration of Sock Dreams' 15th birthday, we are having a party and the gifts are all for YOU! Enter the code MmmCake at the top of your online shopping cart to receive 20% off your entire order between now...

  5. Style Spotlight: Wendy Costa!
    08/10/2015 Rosalind
    Uncategorized & Latest News

    Style Spotlight: Wendy Costa!

    As you may be aware, Sock Dreams all started with one woman and her dream of being self-employed at her own sock company. Over the years her dream has grown into the company that we know and love today, and has provided us...

  6. Return to Atlas Scoops!
    07/21/2015 Rosalind
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    Return to Atlas Scoops!

    Well dreamers, it’s been nearly a year since we first wrote about Atlas Scoops, the gelato cart which sprung up in our shop’s own backyard, which means that yet another season of gelato is here! We happen to think that...

  7. Sock and Roll!
    07/14/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized, Latest News, Over the Knee & Thigh Highs

    Sock and Roll!

    There are several gifted musicians residing among the many Dreamers here at Sock Dreams. So when we were told that our summer ad for Bust Magazine should have a musical theme, we had just the right people for the job. We also...

  8. A Host of New Stickers!
    07/06/2015 Zaffie
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    A Host of New Stickers!

    Recently we debuted our newest line of Dreamer Socks: Extraordinarily Longer Elemental Stripes. We were so inspired by the beautiful combinations that we made a whole host of stickers to match! Each is surrounded by the elements they represent, and...

  9. Style Spotlight: Revivall Clothing Garters
    06/18/2015 Rosalind
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    Style Spotlight: Revivall Clothing Garters

    Any connoisseur of vintage fashion knows that socks aren't like they used to be - basically elastic was invented and at some point people started expecting that a sock would stay where you put it, and often this is true...

  10. Whoopi's Socks!
    06/04/2015 Zaffie
    Latest News

    Whoopi's Socks!

    If you watched The View Thursday morning (today!), than this is old news for you. But if you happened to miss it, we have some BIG news. Are you sitting down dreamers? Because it is finally time to unveil our latest...