1. Better Plus Size Navigation
    05/24/2017 Lucy
    Latest News

    Better Plus Size Navigation

    We've streamlined our plus size section, to make it a little easier to find socks that will work for everyone!

  2. Introducing: Blogger Outreach
    05/19/2017 Lucy
    Latest News

    Introducing: Blogger Outreach

    We started our blogger outreach program because we love working with bloggers, and helping shine some light on our wonderful customers.

  3. Have You Seen Lefty?
    05/09/2017 Lucy
    Latest News & Lost Socks Memorial Day

    Have You Seen Lefty?

    It’s that time of year again: Lost Sock Memorial Day! And our favorite wandering sock, Lefty, has disappeared. Now, this isn’t the first time he’s done this, so while Righty is getting a little concerned, we’re sure he’ll show up...

  4. Introducing: Sale Sections
    04/24/2017 Lucy
    Latest News

    Introducing: Sale Sections

    Introducing our sale sections, for better ways to get the best deals.

  5. Events Season 2017!
    04/06/2017 Lucy
    Events & Latest News

    Events Season 2017!

    Events season 2017 is here!

  6. Introducing: Charitable Socks
    01/21/2017 Lucy
    Latest News

    Introducing: Charitable Socks

    In the last few months, we’ve started donating the proceeds of specific socks to organizations that we really admire and respect.

  7. Holiday Shipping Dates (2016)
    12/12/2016 Lucy
    Latest News

    Holiday Shipping Dates (2016)

    The winter holidays are fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to get those orders in!

  8. Introducing: Weekly Specials
    12/09/2016 Lucy
    Latest News

    Introducing: Weekly Specials

    If you've been watching our main page closely, you may have noticed a new category: weekly special sales!

  9. Events Season 2016!
    04/15/2016 Lucy
    Latest News, Costumes, Stickers & Cosplay

    Events Season 2016!

    It’s that time of year again: convention season!

  10. ECCC 2016, Here We Come!
    04/04/2016 Lucy
    Latest News

    ECCC 2016, Here We Come!

    Next week we’ll be kicking off con season with Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA.