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What is Sock Dreams up to now? We've got the latest news from the sock mines. We’re always trying to improve the site, make it easier to shop and share the sock love.  From sales to surprises, here’s where you can keep up to date on what Sock Dreams is doing! If you're curious for sneak peeks on things we're working on, like Site Updates (to better manage and shop our thousands of styles!) you'll find it here. For info on new projects like our current Charitable Socks, or for the freshest deets on what we're up to next, tune in to the Latest News, same sock time, same sock channel.

  1. Holiday Shopping FAQ

    Holiday Shopping FAQ
    We know things can be pretty hectic this time of year, so here are quick answers to some common questions. Of course, if your question isn’t answered here, or you have any follow up questions, feel free to drop us a line!
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  2. A Tour Through Our New Site

    A Tour Through Our New Site
    Every time we launch a new version of our site, it’s like getting a makeover. We’ve been staring at it a lot so it’s pretty obvious to us, but I wanted to take you through the new site, and show off all the new shininess!
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  3. ECCC 2018

    ECCC 2018
    We always kick off our convention season with Emerald City Comic Con March 1-4, just up the freeway from us in Seattle, WA.
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  4. Holiday Shipping Deadlines (2018)

    Holiday Shipping Deadlines (2018)
    It may feel like we still have all the time in the world for holiday shopping, but lets be real, the holidays will be here before we know it. Here are our shipping deadline's for this holiday season!
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  5. Charitable Socks: Third Quarter Donations (2017)

    Charitable Socks: Third Quarter Donations (2017)
    It's very important to us that we're able to give back to our community, and with the help of our wonderful customers through our Charitable Socks program, we've been doing just that!
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  6. Three Ways to Follow Us On Instagram

    Three Ways to Follow Us On Instagram
    You may be aware of our main Instagram account, but did you know we actually have three accounts?
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  7. Better Plus Size Navigation

    Better Plus Size Navigation
    We've streamlined our plus size section, to make it a little easier to find socks that will work for everyone!
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  8. Introducing: Blogger Outreach

    Introducing: Blogger Outreach
    We started our blogger outreach program because we love working with bloggers, and helping shine some light on our wonderful customers.
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  9. Have You Seen Lefty?

    Have You Seen Lefty?
    It’s that time of year again: Lost Sock Memorial Day! And our favorite wandering sock, Lefty, has disappeared. Now, this isn’t the first time he’s done this, so while Righty is getting a little concerned, we’re sure he’ll show up soon enough (probably after the next load of laundry). If you have a wandering sock that’s never returned, this...
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  10. Introducing: Sale Sections

    Introducing: Sale Sections
    Introducing our sale sections, for better ways to get the best deals.
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