1. It's never too late for email gift cards!
    12/21/2012 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Christmas, Reference, Gift Cards, Seasonal & Gifts

    It's never too late for email gift cards!

    Christmas is right around the corner and we’re down to the wire. Time for email gift cards! But how do you make them less impersonal?

  2. Socks to covet!
    12/23/2011 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Winter, Gift Cards, Socks, Seasonal & Gifts

    Socks to covet!

    There’s still time for email gift certificates! And maybe time to get yourself something for making it through the year.

  3. Socks for: Dad
    06/10/2011 Brenna
    Anklets, Sock Journal, Midcalves, Knee Highs, Gift Cards, Coverage, Socks & Socks For

    Socks for: Dad

    Father’s day is coming up and we’ve got some traditionally manly styles to share, along with other fun options in a larger foot size.

  4. Themed Gift Cards via Email
    02/13/2011 niqkita
    Sock Journal & Gift Cards

    Themed Gift Cards via Email

    Need a last minute gift? now you can send an Ecard themed specifically for Valentines Day.... of course, you can still select our original version if that is what you prefer and soon we will add more themes to match...

  5. Knee Highs On Flickr
    02/24/2007 niqkita
    Sock Journal, Knee Highs & Gift Cards

    Knee Highs On Flickr

    We have a winner!!! and when I saw this shot I had to show you... Over on Flickr the Knee High Socks group ran a competition to post the 1000th photo. Congratulations to PhotoKat who won a $25 Gift...