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Socks for specific situations, from types of folks to seasons and events, if you're stumped, we may know just the sock for you. We’ve gathered together socks under different themes to help you find what you’re looking for, like:
  • Sock Nerds: Shopping for specific nerdery like food, theatre or sports? Oh do we have some perfect styles for you!
  • Birth Month: Using things like birthstones and birth month flowers, we’ve selected some socks that are birthday-ready!
  • Gifts: Give the gift of cozy toes! We've got recommendations on all sorts of socks that make great gifts!
We also have suggestions on socks for different events, like camping or festivals, for when you’re looking for style and substance. Thanks to how long we’ve been trying on socks, we’ve got some good ideas on what socks you need for all sorts of different situations!

  1. Team Colors

    Team Colors
    Fall is here, and a lot of sports are in full swing. If you feel like donning your team’s colors, socks can be a great way to spice up an outfit.
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  2. Socks For: Hiking

    Socks For: Hiking
    For many people, summer means a wealth of outdoor activities, especially here in the Pacific Northwest, where we have hiking trails aplenty. Although layering up may seem counter-intuitive, if you’re doing a lot of walking, you want to make sure you have socks that can keep up with you.
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  3. A Proud 2018!

    A Proud 2018!
    June is LGBT Pride Month, and rounding up rainbows in celebration is kind of a tradition around here...
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  4. Back to School, Sock-Style!

    Back to School, Sock-Style!
    It’s hard to imagine while we’re melting in 100+ degree weather, but Fall is just around the corner…and with Fall, comes that Back to School feeling.
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  5. Weddings & Anniversaries

    Weddings & Anniversaries
    June is a popular season for weddings, so we’ve gathered together some of the most popular Wedding Gifts and Anniversary Gifts into two collections.
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  6. Our Proudest Year Yet

    Our Proudest Year Yet
    Every year we do a round-up of our rainbow socks for June, which we hold dear as Pride Month! In past years we've even branched out to suggest styles and combinations of styles which best represent the other pride flags, but this year we went ahead and made our own! Additionally, we've been rethinking our rainbows and adding exciting new variations, because...
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  7. Sock Nerds: Foodies

    Sock Nerds: Foodies
    Here in Portland, we have a pretty thriving foodie scene, and we’ve got some socks to keep you full and satisfied throughout your whole day.
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  8. Socks for Pisces

    Socks for Pisces
    At long last it is time for our final sock-o-scope! Despite starting towards the beginning of the year, Pisces is traditionally the last sign in the western zodiac, perhaps because they have the level of patience and empathy required to be at the end. The joke's on everybody else, though, because Pisces probably has the most socks to choose from...
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  9. Socks for Aquarius

    Socks for Aquarius
    Finally, Aquarius, we're almost back to the start of the Zodiac, and while we know you've been trying to maintain the appearance of patiently waiting, it can't have been easy…. Not that you notice or care about horoscopes. How unscientific, right?? Well, if you feel like continuing to read, we will be honored, and what’s more we won't tell anybody...
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  10. Socks for Capricorn

    Socks for Capricorn
    As the year closes, and the holidays peter out, for the Capricorns of the world, there is still one last celebration: a birthday celebration! And what better way to celebrate in these cold winter months, than with socks! As amateur astrologists, we Dreamers have compiled a short list of items that are sure to meet the very practical needs of...
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