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These are Dreamer-curated collections of socks at your fingertips, perfect for when you’re searching for a gift (for yourself or somebody else). We know the thousands of socks and accessories on our site can get overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together our Gift Collections. Are you shopping for a nerd? For someone who loves indulging in the finest of fancies? From weddings to witchery, warm wool socks to lightweight but full coverage styles, we’re gathering together posts looking at what each Gift Collection focuses on to help you find what you’re looking for, no matter who you’re shopping for. We’re always working on the best ways to make shopping with us easier, but we know that some of the tricks to use our filters are a little sneaky; so, beyond just the individual themes in each gift collection, we’ll look at the best ways to narrow down your search for that specific thing.

  1. Indulgent Gifts

    Indulgent Gifts
    Not all indulgent socks are expensive, but sometimes you want that splurge, that pair of decadently soft, or fabulous socks.
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  2. Wedding Styles That'll Make You Say "I Do"

    Wedding Styles That'll Make You Say "I Do"
    There are as many styles of weddings as there are unique couples; from bright and original to classy and traditional, we’re happy to help you celebrate your love however you like!
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  3. Thigh High Starter Styles

    Thigh High Starter Styles
    Thigh high socks and stockings are a tricky thing. We love helping folks find socks, and these are some of our and our customer’s favourite go-to thigh highs!
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  4. Wool Gifts

    Wool Gifts
    Listen, we know we have a LOT of wool styles, so when we put together our Wool Gift Collection we kept it small and simple.
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  5. Nerdy & Geeky

    Nerdy & Geeky
    With school back in full swing, our Nerdy & Geeky gift collection is a great place to find a reward or incentive for all that hard work.
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  6. Warm Summer Weather

    Warm Summer Weather
    We've gathered summer styles that are our go-tos when it's just too sweaty for socks. Thigh bands, cool wicking fibers, no-shows and liners...
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  7. Lightweight

    We've rounded up all of our favorite lightweight styles today, so you can stay cool in the summer even if you prefer to stay covered.
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  8. Weddings & Anniversaries

    Weddings & Anniversaries
    June is a popular season for weddings, so we’ve gathered together some of the most popular Wedding Gifts and Anniversary Gifts into two collections.
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  9. Family & Baby

    Family & Baby
    Whether you’re shopping for your own family or for somebody else’s, one thing is for certain: matching a parent’s socks to what their kids are wearing is pretty dang cute.
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  10. Witchy Wonders

    Witchy Wonders
    With the Spring Equinox on the 20th, the magic of seasonal change charges the month and makes us want to inject a little Witchy Wonder into our everyday.
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