1. Denver Comic Con 2016 Wrap Up
    07/19/2016 Rose
    Events, Dreamy, Costumes & Cosplay

    Denver Comic Con 2016 Wrap Up

    We had a blast at Denver Comic Con last month! We got to see some wonderful costumes and meet a lot of great people, some of which incorporated Sock Dreams brand socks into their con look! Which we absolutely love seeing...

  2. 2015: a Sock Year in Review
    12/31/2015 Rosalind
    Sock Journal & Dreamy

    2015: a Sock Year in Review

    2015 has been a pretty exciting year for us, and we're particularly pleased with the direction our house brands have been heading this year. We've actually released so many new styles of DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks that we felt...

  3. Sakura Con 2014
    04/08/2014 JenDub
    Uncategorized, Events, Spring, Dreamy, Seattle, Latest News, Places & Seasonal

    Sakura Con 2014

    After the fantastic success we had in Seattle at Emerald City Comic Con- Dreamer Jen and Dreamer Rose are headed back up to Seattle April 18th-20th for our second year at Sakura Con!   Sakura Con...

  4. End of the year SALE!!!
    12/26/2013 JenDub
    Uncategorized, Dreamy, Latest News, Winter, Gift Cards, Socks, Site Improvements, Seasonal & Gifts

    End of the year SALE!!!

    Happy (almost) New Year, Dreamer Fans!!! We're very excited about 2014! We have a lot of things happening for the New Year: continuing work on our new review system, some changing around of the web site, traveling to more places...

  5. Department Spotlight: Sock Dreams Shop
    11/20/2013 JenDub
    Uncategorized, Portland, Dreamy, Latest News, Sellwood, Christmas, Places, Seasonal, Dreamers Recommend & Gifts

    Department Spotlight: Sock Dreams Shop

    Nestled in a turn of the century house in the historic Sellwood neighborhood, recessed from busy 13th street just off of SE Nahalem is the Sock Dreams brick and mortar store.

  6. Department Spotlight: Customer Service and Wholesale
    10/21/2013 JenDub
    Uncategorized, Dreamy, Latest News, Autumn, Socks, Seasonal & Dreamers Recommend

    Department Spotlight: Customer Service and Wholesale

    We're just getting into the best time of year- sock season! As we move into our busiest time of year, we'd like to introduce you to the hard working Sock Dreams team who will be processing, pulling, shipping, creating ads and working in our shop.

  7. Sock Folding 101
    07/31/2013 JenDub
    Dreamy, Latest News & Dreamers Recommend

    Sock Folding 101

    Sock Dreamers are a dedicated bunch! People often work here for many years and learn many different positions in the sock world. From time to time, however, someone will leave us to follow their own dreams in the wide, wild world. That's when we get to hire brand new Sock Dreamers

  8. Pinning our socks to Pinterest
    02/27/2012 niqkita
    DIY, Dreamy, Latest News, Photo Albums & Dreamers Recommend

    Pinning our socks to Pinterest

    Like many of you, we sometimes feel the strain of a never-ending array of new sites to participate in. But Pinterest has caught our eye, it is full of pretty pictures and inspiration... so we've dipped our toes into their...

  9. Barcodes & Logins
    11/11/2011 niqkita
    Dreamy & Latest News

    Barcodes & Logins

    From barcodes to log-ins, we are making some last-minute updates before the holidays really kick in.

    And, just because we know how badly some of you want them, wishlists are NEXT!

  10. A dreamy return
    09/09/2011 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Dreamy, Over the Knee, Coverage, Thigh Highs, Made in the USA & Socks

    A dreamy return

    The dreamiest sock dream come true!