1. Spring into Fashion!
    03/23/2017 Rosalind
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    Spring into Fashion!

    It was a long and stormy winter, but we've finally made it through the darkest months of the year! Now the days will be getting longer and warmer, at least up here in the Northern Hemisphere. So, what's new...

  2. American Sock Dream
    06/29/2016 Rae
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    American Sock Dream

    Independence Day is sneaking up on us, like a Minuteman in 18th century Massachusetts.  You've got to stay on your toes if you want to have the perfect socks for the 4th. But don't worry; we've got plenty of Red...

  3. The Cat Lady's Diary: New Friends
    06/15/2016 Sabrina
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    The Cat Lady's Diary: New Friends

    Dearest Diary, Let me start by saying this week was one of the longest ones I've ever felt! When my darling cousin Bebe let me know she was in town, I immediately asked her to come stay at my...

  4. Socks for Taurus
    04/13/2016 kori
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    Socks for Taurus

    Hello dearest Taurus. It is your time to shine, and the next few weeks are all about you! As amateur astrologers, we Dreamers would like to cater to all of your sock needs and desires. So let’s get right to...

  5. Finding the Right Garter Belt for You!
    02/05/2016 Sabrina
    Uncategorized, Sock Journal, Reference & Plus Size

    Finding the Right Garter Belt for You!

    Back in Autumn, Dreamer Zaffie covered the many accessories we carry to keep thigh highs from falling down. Today we’re going to take a closer look at our selection of garter belts. We currently carry seven garter belts on our...

  6. Product Spotlight: Darn Tough
    12/30/2015 Rae
    Uncategorized & Latest News

    Product Spotlight: Darn Tough

    Darn Tough has everything we love in a sock company. Their products are produced exclusively in the USA. They use quality, cruelty free materials.  Not only are their styles fashionable, but they are highly functional and extremely durable. But what...

  7. Giving Back
    12/02/2015 Sabrina
    Uncategorized, Portland, Sock Journal & Places

    Giving Back

    Sock Dreams has been shipping cozy, soft goodness nationwide and overseas for over 15 years, but the warmest moments have been grounded in the pleasure of providing that goodness to our local community. We firmly believe that something beautiful happens...

  8. The Cat Lady's Diary
    11/18/2015 Sabrina
    Uncategorized, Sock Journal & Themes

    The Cat Lady's Diary

    Dearest Diary, What a wonderful day today was! As you know, I've been planning a Cat Birthday Party for weeks in honor of my sweet baby, Dale! I sent handmade invitations out to all of our closest friends and even...

  9. Tricks and Treats
    10/28/2015 Rosalind
    Uncategorized, Sock Journal & Halloween

    Tricks and Treats

    It’s almost Halloween, dreamers, and while it’s probably too late for most of you to order socks for your costumes, it’s never too late for a fun, thematic blog post. Join us as we go door-to-door around the website, looking...

  10. Geek Girl Con!
    10/07/2015 Rae
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    Geek Girl Con!

    We had a blast at our latest event, Rose City Comic Con. Now it is time for us to bring our season to a close with one last event. Geek Girl Con is this weekend in Seattle, WA and we'll...