1. Spring into Fashion!
    03/23/2017 Rosalind
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    Spring into Fashion!

    It was a long and stormy winter, but we've finally made it through the darkest months of the year! Now the days will be getting longer and warmer, at least up here in the Northern Hemisphere. So, what's new...

  2. Socks for Arbor Day
    04/27/2016 Sabrina
    Spring, Sock Journal, Green, Made in the USA & Seasonal

    Socks for Arbor Day

    Spring is in full bloom these days and with it come the many annual events that mark this time of renewal. Last week we covered Eco-Friendly socks for Earth Day. We thought Arbor Day, a similar event solely dedicated to...

  3. April Showers
    04/06/2016 Rosalind
    Spring, Sock Journal & Seasonal

    April Showers

    They say that April showers bring May flowers, and here in Portland that couldn’t be more true! While we understandably have a pretty extensive collection of floral socks, we also have a small, yet growing assortment of rain and water...

  4. Socks for Aries
    03/23/2016 kori
    Spring, Sock Journal & Socks For

    Socks for Aries

    Well Aries, your birthday is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to treat yourself to the perfect socks! As lovers of astrology, we’ve got quite a few suggestions that should meet with the demands of both...

  5. Socks for: Camping, Cookouts & Travel
    05/29/2015 Brenna
    Spring, Sock Journal, Summer, Socks, Seasonal & Socks For

    Socks for: Camping, Cookouts & Travel

    With a lot of early summer memorial and celebratory days already over (and the end of this school year in sight) our thoughts are turning to summer break.

  6. Colours: Pastels
    03/27/2015 Brenna
    Spring, Sock Journal, Reference, Colours & Seasonal

    Colours: Pastels

    Spring and pastels go hand in hand (or petal in leaf?) as soft blooms begin to abound. But what makes pastel pastel?

  7. Spring round-up!
    03/20/2015 Brenna
    Spring, Sock Journal, Over the Knee & Seasonal

    Spring round-up!

    Today is the first day of spring! Officially, anyway. Depending on where you are, that declaration is either wishful thinking or way late in the game.

  8. Colours: Yellow
    06/13/2014 Brenna
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    Colours: Yellow

    It’s not quiiiite summer yet, but we’re getting lots of sunshine, even here in Portland. So what better colour to look at than yellow?!

  9. Style Spotlight on Fleece Knee Highs!
    06/06/2014 Brenna
    Spring, Sock Journal, Knee Highs, Coverage, Plus Size, Seasonal, Socks For & Style Spotlight

    Style Spotlight on Fleece Knee Highs!

    It’s not quite summer yet and the cold mornings remind us of that. But we’ve got just the thing!

  10. Pinning Down Your (Sock) Dreams
    05/19/2014 Rosalind
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    Pinning Down Your (Sock) Dreams

    Well dreamers, it’s been a while since we asked you to dust off your thinking caps and participate in a contest, so we’re super-excited to announce that we’re starting one now! The idea is to use Pinterest to curate...