1. Coming Soon: Cosplay Corner!
    11/26/2014 Rae
    Events & Costumes

    Coming Soon: Cosplay Corner!

    If you are into costuming or cosplay you know that the right accessories can help pull your outfit together. Say, for example, you are obsessed with a certain series of books about teenage wizards. Coordinating our sorcerer's socks and sleeves...

  2. The End of an Era
    11/05/2014 Rae
    Events & Costumes

    The End of an Era

    Well, that title may be a bit melodramatic. It is sad though that our event season has come to a close. We won't be traveling the wild roads of the Con Circuit until March of next year. ...

  3. Dreamer Dress Up Finalists
    10/28/2014 Rae
    Latest News, Halloween, Costumes & Photo Contest

    Dreamer Dress Up Finalists

    Last month we announced our new monthly contest, Dreamer Dress Up. Our first challenge to you was to create a Halloween costume which featured some of our socks, or accessories. We had a lot of amazing entries. They were so good...

  4. Vote for the Mary Sue's GGHQ cosplay winners!
    10/15/2014 Rae
    Events, Costumes & Photo Contest

    Vote for the Mary Sue's GGHQ cosplay winners!

    For those of you who do not know, we sponsored a fantastic cosplay contest in The Mary Sue's Geek Girl Headquarters at the New York Comic Con this past weekend. The time has finally come to pick the winners! Check...

  5. Socks for Classic Costumes
    10/11/2013 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Halloween, Socks, Seasonal, Socks For & Costumes

    Socks for Classic Costumes

    We have some fun D.I.Y. plans for later this month, you costume cuties, but first let’s warm up with some classics!

  6. Putting on a costume, and a character
    07/11/2013 JenDub
    Latest News & Costumes

    Putting on a costume, and a character

    Here at Sock Dreams, we associate with all sorts of costumed characters. Whether they be sultry or silly, we be-sock them all!

  7. Socks for: Dia de los Muertos!
    11/02/2012 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Socks For & Costumes

    Socks for: Dia de los Muertos!

    It’s Dia De Los Muertos and we’ve got your calaveras right here!

  8. DIY: Drawing detail!
    10/26/2012 Brenna
    DIY, Sock Journal, Halloween, Reference, Coverage, Tights, Seasonal & Costumes

    DIY: Drawing detail!

    Oh dang, Halloween is just days away! It’s time for some last minute costume DIY—drawing on tights and socks!

  9. Costume contest!
    10/25/2012 Jess
    Latest News, Halloween, Seasonal, Costumes & Photo Contest

    Costume contest!

    We're thrilled to be hosting a Halloween costume contest on Tumblr this year! Show us your spookiest, kookiest costumes using Sock Dreams socks, and if we love your picture the best, you'll win one of three gift cards.

  10. Socks For: Pop Costumes!
    10/19/2012 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Halloween, Socks, Seasonal, Socks For & Costumes

    Socks For: Pop Costumes!

    Did you know Sock Dreamers are pretty nerdy and into pop culture? Well, if you didn’t, we’re ready to prove it to you with our costume suggestions!