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  1. Sneak Peek!
    08/10/2016 Zaffie
    Sock Journal & Site Improvements

    Sneak Peek!

    Well folks, we have some exciting news for you today! We've been trying to keep it hush-hush, but we're just bursting to say something about it. Can you guess what it is? Sock Dreams is getting a makeover! Many...

  2. Embrace Your Geekiness
    07/14/2016 Zaffie
    Sock Journal

    Embrace Your Geekiness

      My name is Zaf and I am a proud geek, as you can see above. I love comic books, movies about comic books, underpants featuring my fave heroes from comic books . . . you get the...

  3. What is a Kilt Sock?
    03/03/2016 Zaffie
    What Is A . . ? & Sock Journal

    What is a Kilt Sock?

    The kilt is one of the most iconic symbols of Scotland, right up there with thistles, bagpipes, and haggis. Countless works of art and media depictions feature strong, proud warriors in full tartan splendor. The original kilt has its roots in...

  4. Spring Sticker Pack: Year of the Monkey Exclusive!
    01/28/2016 Zaffie
    Latest News

    Spring Sticker Pack: Year of the Monkey Exclusive!

    Can you believe January is over already? It seems like New Year’s Day was just last week. Excitingly, there are still New Year’s celebrations to be had! On February 8th, Chinese Lunar New Year—or the Spring Festival—kicks off the Year of...

  5. So Much Fleece!
    01/20/2016 Zaffie
    Sock Journal

    So Much Fleece!

    While we love wool, we realize that it's not for everyone. Those with allergies, sensitivities, or who choose not to wear animal fibers deserve an alternative material. Synthetic fleece, often made from polyester or nylon, was designed to mimic the insulating...

  6. DIY: Needle Felting!
    12/16/2015 Zaffie
    DIY, Sock Journal & Reference

    DIY: Needle Felting!

    Back in 2011 we wrote a Sock Journal on darning socks, which has turned out to be one of our most popular Sock Journals of all time. Since socks get so much traffic from being in your shoes all day, they tend...

  7. Holiday Sticker Bundles: 5 for $5!
    12/02/2015 Zaffie
    Latest News & Stickers

    Holiday Sticker Bundles: 5 for $5!

    Our stickers have become one of our most popular products over the years. Even though we give them out free of charge, we’ve had enough requests to start offering stickers for sale that we decided to give it a try this...

  8. Harvest Feet!
    11/25/2015 Zaffie
    Sock Journal, Autumn & Seasonal

    Harvest Feet!

    Harvest season has historically been a time of celebrating and enjoying all the hard work that went into planting and growing in the warmer months. A feast is traditional, and who doesn't love a huge spread to share with family...

  9. 2016 Sock Dreams Calendars!
    11/19/2015 Zaffie
    Latest News

    2016 Sock Dreams Calendars!

    2016 is fast approaching, have you bought your calendar yet? If not, we’ve got you all set whether you’re buying for yourself or for a sock-loving friend! Let us introduce you to our very first Sock Dreams Calendar. At 11.75” by 17”...

  10. We've Got the Scariest Stickers for Halloween!
    10/01/2015 Zaffie
    Latest News & Halloween

    We've Got the Scariest Stickers for Halloween!

    Happy Octoberween, everyone! We don't know about you, but this is hands-down one of our favourite times of year. Fall has just hit and we have a month of jack-o-lanterns, candy, and cheesy black and white horror films to look...

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