1. Socks for Scorpio
    10/19/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal & Socks For

    Socks for Scorpio

    Dear Scorpio, it's very nearly your birthday! Maybe it's because Halloween falls in Scorpio, but you sure have got a heck of a reputation. Nobody can quite seem to agree as to what that reputation is, but you just might...

  2. Halloween Round-Up 2016!
    10/12/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal & Halloween

    Halloween Round-Up 2016!

    We're well into October, also known as the month of Halloween, and boy do we have some new tricks (and treats!) up our sleeves! But first, let's take care of business. October 22nd will be the last day that US...

  3. Socks for Pride
    06/08/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal, Gay Pride & Rainbows

    Socks for Pride

    Well dreamers, it’s June again – one of our very favorite months of the year, because it’s Pride month! As a company with “rainbow” as an option under our color search, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Pride is near...

  4. Socks Through Time Part 1: The Beginning
    05/25/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal

    Socks Through Time Part 1: The Beginning

    Welcome to our first lesson in sock history! While we’ve talked about socks for historical costuming (three times!) in the past, we were focusing primarily on which socks we carry that can most accurately represent much older styles of sock and...

  5. The Other Kind of "Green" Socks
    04/20/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal & Green & Eco-Friendly

    The Other Kind of "Green" Socks

    Spring is warming up here in Portland, so we’re venturing outdoors more, and with Earth Day just two days away, the timing couldn’t be any better! This is also the perfect time to take a look at some of our Eco...

  6. April Showers
    04/06/2016 Rosalind
    Spring, Sock Journal & Seasonal

    April Showers

    They say that April showers bring May flowers, and here in Portland that couldn’t be more true! While we understandably have a pretty extensive collection of floral socks, we also have a small, yet growing assortment of rain and water...

  7. Opposites Attract
    02/10/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal & Valentines Day

    Opposites Attract

    Valentine’s Day is a surprisingly big holiday for us – or maybe it’s not that surprising, if you consider that every pair of socks consists of two perfectly matched sole mates….. or do they?? Today we’ll be taking a look...

  8. Socks for Self Care
    01/27/2016 Rosalind
    Sock Journal

    Socks for Self Care

    There’s just something about a fresh new pair of socks that can really make a person feel good, but have you ever wondered what more socks have to offer in the feeling-good department? As it turns out, socks are kind...

  9. Cozy Toes in Polar Feet!
    01/14/2016 Rosalind
    Latest News

    Cozy Toes in Polar Feet!

    Here in the Pacific Northwest the winters tend to be cool and wet, which really influences how we dress. It’s no secret that Northwesterners, and especially outdoorsy types, tend to be fans of polar fleece: a felt-like synthetic material with...

  10. 2015: a Sock Year in Review
    12/31/2015 Rosalind
    Sock Journal & Dreamy

    2015: a Sock Year in Review

    2015 has been a pretty exciting year for us, and we're particularly pleased with the direction our house brands have been heading this year. We've actually released so many new styles of DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks that we felt...

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