1. Even More Options!
    12/10/2015 Rosalind
    Latest News & Site Improvements

    Even More Options!

    It’s been over three years since we started sending out our email newsletters, and it’s been an awful lot of fun! Of course, three years is plenty of time for rethinking things, and it so happens that we think we can...

  2. Historical Costuming: Part 3
    11/11/2015 Rosalind
    Sock Journal

    Historical Costuming: Part 3

    Welcome back to our series on historical costuming! In this, our third and final installment, we’ll be taking a look at legwear during the most turbulent century for fashion of all – the 20th century! You’re probably pretty familiar with the...

  3. Style Spotlight: emiLime!
    11/05/2015 Rosalind
    Latest News

    Style Spotlight: emiLime!

    Some of our favorite items to stock for the cold seasons are luxurious styles of arm warmers. Your hands are particularly sensitive to touch, meaning they really appreciate being wrapped in soft fibers. Your hands are also much closer to your eyes than...

  4. Welcome to Halloweek!
    10/29/2015 Rosalind
    Latest News

    Welcome to Halloweek!

    If you follow our blogs and social media, then you've probably realized many times over that we are a company obsessed with costumes. It should come as no surprise, then, that we like to take Halloween and run with it...

  5. Tricks and Treats
    10/28/2015 Rosalind
    Uncategorized, Sock Journal & Halloween

    Tricks and Treats

    It’s almost Halloween, dreamers, and while it’s probably too late for most of you to order socks for your costumes, it’s never too late for a fun, thematic blog post. Join us as we go door-to-door around the website, looking...

  6. Historical Costuming: Part 2
    10/21/2015 Rosalind
    Sock Journal

    Historical Costuming: Part 2

    Welcome back to our look at stockings through the ages, and which items from our catalog are best for recreating historical fashions. As I mentioned last time, our socks are pretty modern (even those knitted on antique machines, such as...

  7. Style Spotlight: Little Boot Peep
    10/15/2015 Rosalind
    Latest News

    Style Spotlight: Little Boot Peep

    It’s not going to surprise anybody that as a company named “Sock Dreams,” socks are kind of our specialty. With that said, we have branched out over the years into sock-related things, such as garters (for keeping socks up), leg...

  8. Historical Costuming: part 1
    10/07/2015 Rosalind
    DIY, Sock Journal, Stockings & Costumes

    Historical Costuming: part 1

    We Dreamers wear a lot of hats (and socks, of course), but one of our favorite jobs around here is helping customers find the perfect socks for cosplays and costumes. While finding a good color match for a cartoon character’s...

  9. Style Spotlight: Peony & Moss
    09/23/2015 Rosalind
    Latest News

    Style Spotlight: Peony & Moss

    It’s been a few months since we first brought in some anklets from Peony & Moss for summer, which just means that we’ve had that long to fall even more in love with this company! We’ve seen an awful lot of...

  10. Our (Sock) Dream Outfit Contest Winners!
    09/01/2015 Rosalind
    Latest News

    Our (Sock) Dream Outfit Contest Winners!

    We've just concluded our second-ever Pinterest contest, and we have to say, these were some pretty impressive submissions! Narrowing our options down was tough, but we finally managed to select six winners who really conveyed the "Back-to-School" theme, while showcasing our...

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