Yes Virginia, there really is a Niqkita! ...okay, the truth is Niqkita is just one of several monikers and these days I am generally known as Niq which is also short for Monique... I grew up disliking my real name and changed it often, Monique stuck and is very close to what is on my birth certificate. With over 20 years of real life customer service & retail experience working for such wonderful establishments as Haagen Dazs~ the only job I was ever fired from, for eating ice cream on the job no less! Trader Joe's~ where I was actually paid to eat & learned to love large scale ordering, merchandising & management and... Powell's Books~ where I continued to work on an occasional basis for years after starting Sock Dreams; filling in, shelving books, ringing up customers & drooling over the many tasty books (to this day I have, and regularly add to, my ridiculously large cookbook collection. In the beginning I did everything from programing the website to wearing & photographing all the styles while still answering all the emails and filling all the orders. These days I don't have to worry about all the small details of our daily routines and get to focus on the bigger picture. I still spend a lot of time making sure there are plenty of socks being ordered to fulfill your orders, helping to answer hundreds of socky questions and taking pictures of our crew of Dreamers wearing the many styles we carry.

  1. Spring is in the Air
    03/21/2011 niqkita
    Latest News

    Spring is in the Air

    here in the Pacific Northwest green is sprouting out all around us... and more & more flowers will be blooming long after the daffodils fade. We've got a gorgeous new spring theme to adorn our site til summer creeps...

  2. Downtime
    03/14/2011 niqkita
    Latest News & Site Improvements


    There was a mishap in our system today that caused our site to be down for several hours. It is now back up and running with ever better protection being implemented to save us from future disasters and to recover...

  3. Painted windows at SDHQ
    02/18/2011 niqkita
    Portland & Latest News

    Painted windows at SDHQ

    If you've crossed the Ross Island Bridge lately you might have noticed the colorful new artwork adorning the windows of our warehouse & headquarters.
    Scot Campbell, AKA Extremo the Clown, is the man behind the art

  4. Themed Gift Cards via Email
    02/13/2011 niqkita

    Themed Gift Cards via Email

    Need a last minute gift? now you can send an Ecard themed specifically for Valentines Day.... of course, you can still select our original version if that is what you prefer and soon we will add more themes to match...

  5. Valentines Theme
    02/03/2011 niqkita
    Latest News, Valentines Day, Seasonal & Themes

    Valentines Theme

    Our latest theme is for Valentines Day and though we wanted to set a mood, we didn't want to go overboard with it, so we stuck with a more subtle, dark palette. It's my favorite theme so far and I'm...

  6. International Day of the Sock
    02/01/2011 niqkita
    Latest News, Over the Knee, Coverage, Made in the USA & Socks

    International Day of the Sock

    Every day is Sock Day at Sock Dreams, but some people consider February 1st to be the official International Day of the Sock... So wear your best, brightest, loudest etc... or maybe just your favorite socks and celebrate by buying...

  7. Winter Theme is Live
    12/28/2010 niqkita
    Sock Journal, Latest News, Winter & Themes

    Winter Theme is Live

    Snow is falling...
    and a dream is in the air...
    a dream of comfy socks, of cozy socks, of scrumptious socks
    a dream of unique socks, of quirky socks, perhaps even wordy socks
    a dream of sexy socks or sporty socks and socks that fit... really fit!

  8. Warmer Hands
    12/23/2010 niqkita
    Arm Warmers, Sock Journal, Winter & Coverage

    Warmer Hands

    I recently realized that my latest obsession has been with hand warmers. I wear them every day at this time of year to keep the chill away.

  9. Little Changes in the Night
    12/23/2010 niqkita
    Sock Journal, Latest News, Winter & Site Improvements

    Little Changes in the Night

    Last night we updated our site and added this simple holiday theme, soon to be followed by a winter theme. We also added a "Sold Out" banner for when we are completely out of something so you don't have to...

  10. Last Minute Holiday Shopping
    12/17/2010 niqkita
    Sock Journal, Latest News, Sellwood, Christmas, Places & Seasonal

    Last Minute Holiday Shopping

    We are renowned for our super fast shipping but during these final days before the holidays USPS is overwhelmed and even we cannot perform miracles under such circumstances. Here is a link to their shipping cut off schedule: USPS Holiday...

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