Yes Virginia, there really is a Niqkita! ...okay, the truth is Niqkita is just one of several monikers and these days I am generally known as Niq which is also short for Monique... I grew up disliking my real name and changed it often, Monique stuck and is very close to what is on my birth certificate. With over 20 years of real life customer service & retail experience working for such wonderful establishments as Haagen Dazs~ the only job I was ever fired from, for eating ice cream on the job no less! Trader Joe's~ where I was actually paid to eat & learned to love large scale ordering, merchandising & management and... Powell's Books~ where I continued to work on an occasional basis for years after starting Sock Dreams; filling in, shelving books, ringing up customers & drooling over the many tasty books (to this day I have, and regularly add to, my ridiculously large cookbook collection. In the beginning I did everything from programing the website to wearing & photographing all the styles while still answering all the emails and filling all the orders. These days I don't have to worry about all the small details of our daily routines and get to focus on the bigger picture. I still spend a lot of time making sure there are plenty of socks being ordered to fulfill your orders, helping to answer hundreds of socky questions and taking pictures of our crew of Dreamers wearing the many styles we carry.

  1. Summer Dreams...
    06/18/2012 niqkita
    Latest News

    Summer Dreams...

    as I write this it is a bit cold out, for the moment (typical Portland weather!), and I'm having trouble believing it will be summer in a couple of days but the weatherman assures us it is coming! Of course...

  2. Transit Ads
    05/10/2012 niqkita
    Latest News

    Transit Ads

    At first it sounded like odd placement to me... but in a city that prides itself on public transportation and gets a healthy amount of rain for most of at least 8 months every year it started to make sense. Show people dreamy pictures of our comfiest socks

  3. Lost Socks Memorial Day
    05/09/2012 niqkita
    Latest News & Lost Socks Memorial Day

    Lost Socks Memorial Day

    Our fifth annual Lost Socks Memorial Day Sale is on! Socks go missing all the time, they crawl into spaces and corners and who knows where, but once a year we celebrate with a little 24 hour sale...

  4. Wedding Sock Photo Contest
    04/25/2012 niqkita
    Latest News, Made in the USA, Weddings & Photo Contest

    Wedding Sock Photo Contest

    Are you, or someone you know, getting married soon? We want some great shots of these Bride & Groom socks in action for our website and since none of us are getting married in the coming months we're hoping...

  5. Our first Ad...  Filmed By Bike
    03/13/2012 niqkita
    Latest News, Sellwood, Places, Made in the USA & Video

    Our first Ad... Filmed By Bike

    Sock Dreams has been a proud sponsor of the "Filmed by Bike" Film Festival for the last 4 years. This year the organizers allowed the sponsors their very own 45 Second spot that would air between shorts during the festival.

  6. Pinning our socks to Pinterest
    02/27/2012 niqkita
    DIY, Dreamy, Latest News, Photo Albums & Dreamers Recommend

    Pinning our socks to Pinterest

    Like many of you, we sometimes feel the strain of a never-ending array of new sites to participate in. But Pinterest has caught our eye, it is full of pretty pictures and inspiration... so we've dipped our toes into their...

  7. More sock news coming soon!
    02/15/2012 niqkita
    Latest News

    More sock news coming soon!

    But first, we've got a whole lot of orders to process and socks to restock and dogs to play with... Thanks for all the orders and requests and great feedback! keep the love coming!!!

  8. Valentine's Day!!!
    02/14/2012 niqkita
    Latest News, Valentines Day & Seasonal

    Valentine's Day!!!

    Did you get what your heart desired? or do you despise this day with all your heart? either way... we'd like to give you a little treat on us. 20% off anything on our site as long as you complete...

  9. Valentine's Day is coming
    02/02/2012 niqkita
    Latest News, Valentines Day, Seasonal & Themes

    Valentine's Day is coming

    ...complete with a sweet, but not gaudy, theme for February and a collection of some of our favorite socks for sweethearts and dear friends alike. If you don't celebrate we don't mind... just look past the hearts...

  10. ChocolateFest...  LOVE!
    01/22/2012 niqkita
    Events, Knee Highs, Latest News & Coverage

    ChocolateFest... LOVE!

    Sock Dreamer Zaffy & I headed over to the Oregon Convention Center just before noon on Sunday to check out the event and taste all the goodies.

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