Yes Virginia, there really is a Niqkita! ...okay, the truth is Niqkita is just one of several monikers and these days I am generally known as Niq which is also short for Monique... I grew up disliking my real name and changed it often, Monique stuck and is very close to what is on my birth certificate. With over 20 years of real life customer service & retail experience working for such wonderful establishments as Haagen Dazs~ the only job I was ever fired from, for eating ice cream on the job no less! Trader Joe's~ where I was actually paid to eat & learned to love large scale ordering, merchandising & management and... Powell's Books~ where I continued to work on an occasional basis for years after starting Sock Dreams; filling in, shelving books, ringing up customers & drooling over the many tasty books (to this day I have, and regularly add to, my ridiculously large cookbook collection. In the beginning I did everything from programing the website to wearing & photographing all the styles while still answering all the emails and filling all the orders. These days I don't have to worry about all the small details of our daily routines and get to focus on the bigger picture. I still spend a lot of time making sure there are plenty of socks being ordered to fulfill your orders, helping to answer hundreds of socky questions and taking pictures of our crew of Dreamers wearing the many styles we carry.

  1. Reviews are coming in!
    10/02/2013 niqkita
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    Reviews are coming in!

    This week we added a shiny new review system to our site and right away we started seeing the results. Not only can you post reviews, you can also ask a question right there on the product and get an...

  2. Reviews are coming!
    09/30/2013 niqkita
    Latest News & Reviews

    Reviews are coming!

    We're adding customer reviews to our product pages along with a Question & Answer system! As of today, Monday, you can see the basic framework on our site, but we won't have actual reviews up til later this week. ...

  3. Lost Socks Memorial Day
    05/08/2013 niqkita
    Uncategorized, Latest News & Lost Socks Memorial Day

    Lost Socks Memorial Day

    It's that time again... for six years, and counting, on May 9th we give you a chance to replace your missing socks with new socks using a nice discount code in honor of Lost Socks Memorial Day. We're offering you...

  4. Love love LOVE!
    02/04/2013 niqkita
    Latest News, Valentines Day, Seasonal & Themes

    Love love LOVE!

    We are a few days into a new month, complete with a new theme and a new newsletter due to be shipped soonly through the virtual tethers that connect us all... Have you signed up yet?

  5. More ways to see our socks
    11/19/2012 niqkita
    Latest News, Winter, Seasonal & Themes

    More ways to see our socks

    Not only are we adding more images to our products these days, we have been showing off our images, and images we like, in places like Pinterest, Chictopia and now Instagram...

  6. Server Upgrade Complete
    10/24/2012 niqkita
    Latest News

    Server Upgrade Complete

    We were down for a little while this morning, followed by a few hiccups as various components of our site adjusted to the new server. Now that we are back on track everything should run faster, and smoother, than ever

  7. Server Upgrade
    10/22/2012 niqkita
    Latest News

    Server Upgrade

    is our site loading slowly for you? due to all the enhancements we've been making lately we seem to be a little slower than we like... so we're about to upgrade to an even faster server in the next day...

  8. Newsletter #3
    10/17/2012 niqkita
    Latest News

    Newsletter #3

    Our next newsletter will be coming out shortly... have you signed up? We're not one of those places that send you something daily, nope, not us... just every few weeks, and when we do, it is full of useful...

  9. Newsletters... Coming Soon!
    08/24/2012 niqkita
    Latest News

    Newsletters... Coming Soon!

    it's been years since we sent out a newsletter, in fact... not since it was just me & my camera with a computer and a bunch of socks and that was at least nine years ago. For many years I...

  10. We've moved our Headquarters!!!
    07/17/2012 niqkita
    Portland & Latest News

    We've moved our Headquarters!!!

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