1. Yummy!
    09/19/2005 Maryfaery


    I kid you not, I was wearing that exact outfit when I opened my package from Sock Dreams and unexpectedly found the sherbert stripes :) (Sorry for the hair & lens in the shot). The colors are AMAZING! These socks...

  2. My new favorites
    09/07/2005 Maryfaery

    My new favorites

    After reading EG's rave review on the sweater socks I had to get myself a pair, and I'm not disappointed! They fit and feel as nice as they look. They easily went over my knee, though I'm really fond of...

  3. So girly!
    08/22/2005 Maryfaery

    So girly!

    First I have to rave about the EG Smith leg therapy solids. They're a bit warm for this time of year, but I can tell they'll be *perfect* to keep my legs, butt and toes toasty in a skirt this...

  4. Devious bridesmaid
    08/18/2005 Maryfaery

    Devious bridesmaid

    I'm leaving for an out of town wedding tonight. All the bridesmaids were provided with the same hosiery, but of course, I have to wwwiate from the crowd and sneak a pair of super stripe knee highs under my dress...

  5. Approved by Fidalgo
    08/17/2005 Maryfaery

    Approved by Fidalgo

    Fidalgo insisted that I got some socks that didn't clash with his fur for when I take him for walks (yeah, he really does think he's a dog and loves walking on a leash around town!). He approved of the...

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