1. Pirates And Crusaders...The New Men's Socks
    02/07/2006 Bsti

    Pirates And Crusaders...The New Men's Socks

    To be honest, these are thinner than the usual Sock Dreams styles that I am used to, but it's still cold here and I'm sure I'll be greatful for that thin-ness come spring. They are like dress socks, but with...

  2. We Took Sunday Off
    04/25/2005 Bsti

    We Took Sunday Off

  3. Kassandra...
    04/22/2005 Bsti


    in Two Tone Lycra Fishnet Pantyhose and lime lighter knit M40s. She has been ill with the flu, and we at The Sock Palace wish her a speedy recovery.

  4. The Shipping Guy
    02/04/2005 Bsti

    The Shipping Guy

    One cold wintry evening while prepping sock orders, I chose to wear the walnut brown ribbed M Stockings. Warm and cozy, plenty of room for a wider foot like mine. They go all they way up, though I tend...

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