I love the warehouse, it is like a big game of Tetris, only with socks!

  1. Socks for: Running!
    04/03/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Socks For

    Socks for: Running!

    Is this the spring you start running more? At least let’s get your feet ready!

  2. Colours: Pastels
    03/27/2015 Brenna
    Spring, Sock Journal, Reference, Colours & Seasonal

    Colours: Pastels

    Spring and pastels go hand in hand (or petal in leaf?) as soft blooms begin to abound. But what makes pastel pastel?

  3. Spring round-up!
    03/20/2015 Brenna
    Spring, Sock Journal, Over the Knee & Seasonal

    Spring round-up!

    Today is the first day of spring! Officially, anyway. Depending on where you are, that declaration is either wishful thinking or way late in the game.

  4. Sleeves, mitts and fingerless, oh my!
    03/13/2015 Brenna
    Arm Warmers, Sock Journal, Reference & Coverage

    Sleeves, mitts and fingerless, oh my!

    Late winter, early spring, surprise snow and chilly mornings. Sounds like a job for arm warmers!

  5. Socks for: Sleeping!
    03/06/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Winter, Socks, Seasonal & Socks For

    Socks for: Sleeping!

    We’re about to lose an hour to Daylight Savings Time, but don’t let your feet lose any sleep!

  6. Talkin' toe seams
    02/27/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal, What Is A . . ?, Coverage, Toe Socks & Socks

    Talkin' toe seams

    Let’s talk toe seams, particularly about the “woven toe seam”—perfect for sensitive toes!

  7. Keeping Warm!
    02/20/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Winter & Seasonal

    Keeping Warm!

    The balmy days of spring are still in the distant future for a lot of us. Here’s some tips on keeping warm until then!

  8. Colours: Dark Red
    02/13/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Valentines Day, Reference, Colours & Seasonal

    Colours: Dark Red

    What colour other than red can we look at this month other than red? Dark red. No, trust us, it’s different.

  9. The Language of Flowers
    02/06/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Valentines Day

    The Language of Flowers

    What do your socks say about you? Use the language of flowers to decide!

  10. A flurry of fleece
    01/30/2015 Brenna
    Fiber Facts, Sock Journal & Reference

    A flurry of fleece

    “Fleece” can be a lot of things, but cozy-fuzzy-wuzzy is the primary one!

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