I love the warehouse, it is like a big game of Tetris, only with socks!

  1. Catch some critter socks!
    06/05/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Socks

    Catch some critter socks!

    June is National Zoo and Aquarium month! And wouldn’t you know, we have socks for that.

  2. Socks for: Camping, Cookouts & Travel
    05/29/2015 Brenna
    Spring, Sock Journal, Summer, Socks, Seasonal & Socks For

    Socks for: Camping, Cookouts & Travel

    With a lot of early summer memorial and celebratory days already over (and the end of this school year in sight) our thoughts are turning to summer break.

  3. Footies, no-shows and liners, oh my!
    05/22/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal, What Is A . . ?, Reference, Coverage, Footie Socks & Socks

    Footies, no-shows and liners, oh my!

    Sharp eyes may have noticed some category name changes. What does this mean? A simpler shopping experience!

  4. Tips & Tricks: organising!
    05/15/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Tips & Tricks

    Tips & Tricks: organising!

    Packrats unite from our nests of socks!

  5. Colours: Rainbows!
    05/08/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Reference, Colours & Rainbows

    Colours: Rainbows!

    When you want rainbows, you want rainbows, and our colour search makes that easy!

  6. Family Feet!
    05/01/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Socks

    Family Feet!

    Find a sock that fits the whole family! The family that socks together, rocks together.

  7. What is: "T-shirt like"?
    04/24/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal, What Is A . . ? & Reference

    What is: "T-shirt like"?

    How is a sock like a t-shirt? Well, luckily the answer is easier than how a raven is like a writing desk, but not by that much.

  8. Eco-friendly, sock friendly
    04/17/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Eco

    Eco-friendly, sock friendly

    Earth day is coming up, are your socks eco-friendly?

  9. Colours: Navy
    04/10/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal, Reference & Colours

    Colours: Navy

    Navy. It’s really just dark blue, right? Well, sorta.

  10. Socks for: Running!
    04/03/2015 Brenna
    Sock Journal & Socks For

    Socks for: Running!

    Is this the spring you start running more? At least let’s get your feet ready!

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