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I love the warehouse, it is like a big game of Tetris, only with socks!

  1. Indulgent Gifts

    Indulgent Gifts
    Not all indulgent socks are expensive, but sometimes you want that splurge, that pair of decadently soft, or fabulous socks.
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  2. Patterns & Textures: Vertical Stripes

    Patterns & Textures: Vertical Stripes
    Vertical stripes are strange. They can be thick and bold or pinstripe thin, or they can be just suggested by vertical bands of pattern. What they definitely are though, is striking. And sometimes difficult to find because of how they’re knit.
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  3. Patterns & Textures: Ribbed

    Patterns & Textures: Ribbed
    For socks that stay up a bit better, or have a thicker feel, we turn to ribbed socks. Ribbing is made by alternating knit stitches with purl stitches, in different proportions depending on what effect is desired.
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  4. Patterns & Textures: Floral

    Patterns & Textures: Floral
    Floral pattern and flower socks are a way to bring some spring to your step no matter what season it really is. All those pretty petals freshen up any look, which must be why floral socks are so popular!
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  5. Patterns & Texture: Lace

    Patterns & Texture: Lace
    Let’s get lacy! Lace isn’t a knit fabric, but one made from knotting, twisting or cutting and removing threads. It’s neat stuff with a rich history, when it comes to lace socks, though, things are a little more straightforward. There are lace trimmed socks, lace topped socks and socks that luxuriate in their laciness
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  6. Patterns & Textures: Chevron

    Patterns & Textures: Chevron
    Slim zig-zagging stripes, chevron patterns can range from delicate to bold and can be a subtle way to spice up a simple sock. A chevron pattern can mimic the interlaced beauty of cabled socks in a simpler way, or add a little visual zing with its zigs and zags.
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  7. DIY: Embellished Fishnet Tights

    DIY: Embellished Fishnet Tights
    Embellished fishnet tights are stunning and magical! Seeing Lirika Matoshi's work got us inspired (and a little envious) and we had to try this technique for ourselves, with sew and no-sew options!
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  8. Patterns & Textures: Crochet Look

    Patterns & Textures: Crochet Look
    We want to say know all those pretty, lacy sock styles aren’t really “crochet.” Socks are knit! Improperly named or not, crochet look styles are a lovely, lacy, lightweight option that look great layered or on their own.
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  9. DIY: Put A Ribbon On It

    DIY: Put A Ribbon On It
    Adding ribbon to socks is a super simple DIY that is a fun way to get a little more comfortable with your basic sewing skills, while adding some flair to your socks and inject some drama to your day (or finish off socks for costume and cosplay!).
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  10. Thigh High Starter Styles

    Thigh High Starter Styles
    Thigh high socks and stockings are a tricky thing. We love helping folks find socks, and these are some of our and our customer’s favourite go-to thigh highs!
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