Winter is in full swing, and here are some of the styles we're rocking this year!



Tights are always in style for winter layering, and we’re obsessed with these designs from Smartwool. The fine wooly fibers wick away moisture and help to keep heat in, like a fancy version of long underwear, while providing an excellent base layer for thigh high socks. And we think they’re pretty great on their own, as well.

A person wearing black wool tights under a black and gold patterned skirt, standing at the base of as staircase. A person wearing ribbed wool leggings with boots and a geometric sweater. Very cozy looking. A person wearing striped grey wool tights with ankle boots and a yellow skirt.

The Tight II Smartwool Tights ~Ribbed Footless Wool Tights ~ Arabica Wool Tights



This season we’re especially obsessed with complex knitted patterns. They work really well for more neutral, sophisticated style, lending themselves well to business environments, and can layer over tights to make for very cozy legs all day long.

 A person wearing tartan-paterned thigh highs in in greys and dark red, with a dark red skirt. A person wearing dark red thigh highs with a waffle texture, layered over black tights.

Dreamer Tartan OTK ~ Extraordinary Waffle Thigh High

A person wearing ribbed grey thigh highs that create vertical lines, with a black ensemble. A person wearing purple thigh highs with a diamond texture, with purple boots and a floral skirt.

Dreamer Vertical Lines Thigh High ~ Extraordinary Diamond Wave OTK


Knee Highs

Our love affair with knee highs continues this year, as we can’t really get enough of colorful socks peaking over the top of knee- and calf-high boots. Keep your legs warm, protect your feet from stiff boots, and look cute doing it!

A person wearing blue knee highs with jackelopes on them, with brown boots and shorts. A person wearing dark red and cream marled knee highs with light brown cowboy boots and a brown skirt. A person wearing damask textured compression knee highs with brown ankle boots and a cream skirt.

Jackalope Knee High ~ Marled Slouch Socks ~ Damask Compression Knee High


Sweater Socks

Nothing quite beats a cozy sweater, and we’ve got a couple styles that emulate that look (and cozy factor) quite well. So many, in fact, that we did a whole blog post on them a couple of years ago! Our favorites vary from year to year; right now we’re flirting with marled styles. We love the subtle texture and thicker knit that makes our marled yarns so special.

 A person wearing black and cream marked thigh highs with dark red stripes at the top, over dark red tights. A person wearing purple space dye marled over the knee socks in brown boots. A person wearing marled scrunch socks striped in earth tones, over brown tights.

 Top Striped Marled Scrunchable Socks ~ Space Dyed Scrunchy Socks ~ Marled Stripe Knee Socks


Arm Warmers & Leg Warmers

Enough about feet! Your hands tend to take on the bulk of the cold in winter, since they’re a bit harder to cover up than feet—especially with smart phones constantly demanding your attention. We’ve found that fingerless gloves are an excellent solution. They keep your hands warm, without adding any bulk to your fingertips! Add arm warmers over top for extra warmth, and pack a pair of leg warmers for when the weather gets exceptionally nippy.

A person wearing black elbow-length fingerless gloves. A person wearing pastel tie dyed fingerless gloves.

Basic Fingerless Gloves ~ Tie Dyed Fingerless Gloves

A person wearing peacock striped sleeves. A person wearing grey and cream marled leg warmers scrunched to be knee high.

Dreamy Sleeves ~ Marled Scrunchable Leg Warmers


Bare That Ankle

We’ve been hearing a lot about bare-ankles being a fashion statement right now, and while we can’t say that we agree that socks ruin a perfect ankle shot, we do have a ton of fun footie and no-show socks that can be very helpful if you’re rocking this look. Some of them even come in multi-packs, for footies every day of the week!

 A person wearing footies with a paint-splatter design. A person wearing footies with smiley faces and #selfiesaturday printed on the sock. A person wearing grey no-show socks with a swirly pattern, in black flats.

Distort Tab Anklets ~ Days of the Week Footie 7 Pack ~ Sadie Swirl No Show Socks


What trends are you rocking this winter?