Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and whether you love or hate the holiday, there’s definitely one thing to be gained from it: delicious treats! So whether you’re having a romantic day with someone special, treating yourself to some solo relaxation, or just going about your day as usual…here are some styles that are sure to give you a little sugar rush.

Warm up your appetite with some of our dessert stripes. Based off of classic treats, these socks are as cute as they are scrumptious.

Two images side by side, of people wearing sock inspired by. On the left people are wearing knee socks striped in brown, dark red, and purple, like a cobbler, and on the right people are wearing knee socks striped in greens and yellows, like a key lime pie.

~ Berry Cobbler Stripes ~ Key Lime Stripes ~

If you like to cook up your own confections, these little crews from Sock It to Me will get you in the mood to start mixing!

Two shots side by side, of crew socks with baking equitment on them (bowls, kitchen mits, mixers, etc.) for Valentine's Day.

~ Whisking Business Crew ~

Often the simplest cravings can be the strongest. On special days, sometimes you just want a flavor that takes you back to childhood.

Two shots side by side of a person wearing crew socks that are bright blue with Pop Tarts-style toaster pastries on them.

~ Toe-ster Pastry Crew ~

It’s hard to beat the Valentine’s Day staple: chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!

Three shots side by side of brown, chocolate-y socks. On the left a person is wearing knee highs with a diamond texture, in the middle a person is wearing ribbed thigh highs, and on the right a person is wearing cotton tights.

~ Diamond Rib Knee Socks ~ Harajuku Scrunchy Socks ~ Plus Size Signature Cotton Tights ~

Cherry confections are also popular this time of year, either hiding inside chocolate, or acting as the perfect finishing touch on your dessert.

Three images side by side. On the left a person is wearing red over the knee socks, person in the middle is wearing long red satin gloves, and person on the right is wearing long striped socks in bright red and pink.

~ Cotton Overknee ~ Extra Long Satin Gloves ~ Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh High ~

And it’s hard to forget those pastel-colored candies that always warm your heart.

Three images side by side. On the left a person is wearing scrunched down light lime-green socks with a ribbed white cuff, in the middle someone is wearing thigh highs with pastel rainbow stripes with a very 80s vibe, and on the right a person is wearing pink thigh highs with a large, folded down cuff.

~ Warm & Cozy Bootsocks ~ Extraordinary Sidewalk Chalk Stripes ~ Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks ~

Of course, the sweetest thing you can do is find something unique to your partner. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be anything, from hiking socks to a romantic getaway. With that in mind, we do have a few gift categories that may work for your specific sweeties…

Nerdy & Geeky Gifts

For the gamers, the bookworms, the otaku…there’s a little something for every self-styled geek in here!

Three images side by side. On the left someone is wearing black knee highs with a cartoony monster giving a thumbs up, and the words “stay weird” underneath. In the middle someone is wearing socks that say “gave over” while playing video games. On the right someone is wearing grey knee highs with red trim and the word “Anime” written down the side.

~ Stay Weird Knee High ~ Game Over Crew ~ Anime Knee High ~

Witchy Wonders

For a year-round appreciation of occult iconography and the wonders of the natural world, this collection is ideal for the aspiring witch, whether they practice the Craft or just love the aesthetic.

Three images side by side. On the left someone is wearing black knee highs with a Ouija board printed on them. In the middle a model is wearing black crew socks with belladonna flowers and leaves on them. On the right three models are lined up, all wearing black knee highs with the phases of an eclipse down the back.

~ Spirit Board Knee High ~ Belladonna Crew ~ Dreamer Eclipse Socks ~


A wonderful way to support the special people in your life is to don the colors that matter to them, or help them carry a little reminder of their community wherever they go.

Three images side by side. On the left someone is wearing rainbow socks with brown and black stripes, made to look like an old fashioned library card. In the middle two people are standing back to back, wearing matching socks striped like the lesbian pride flag. On the right someone is sitting on a blue picnic table, wearing over the knee socks striped like the asexual pride flag.

~ Library Pride Crew ~ Dreamer Cotton Proud Stripes Thigh High ~ Dreamer Proud Stripes OTK ~

You can find more gift collections by hovering over the Gifts link in our menu!

A screenshot of the drop-down menu that appears on the sock dreams website when you hover over the Gifts link in the top menu. It lists various gift collections by themes, occasions, and price ranges.