Multiple people arriving at a party, wearing fashionable socks. Overlay text reads: Holiday Shopping FAQ.

We know things can be pretty hectic this time of year, so here are quick answers to some common questions. Of course, if your question isn’t answered here, or you have any follow up questions, feel free to drop us a line!



I need my socks by Christmas—how late can I order?

Ideally you’ll want to order as soon as possible, since the closer we get the more items will be sold out. However, we do have some official cut-off dates from USPS. If you’re willing to go with Express shipping, you can order as late as December 20th for orders within the USA, and December 18th for International orders. If you’re aiming for our free domestic shipping, we recommend getting those orders in by December 14th, and you have until the 18th if you use Priority. At this point it’s too late to receive international orders with the basic flat-rate shipping, so we recommend any international orders go with Express shipping at this point, if you want them in time for Christmas. Canadian customers should be aware that there may be extra delays caused by the strike.


How do I send something as a gift?

You can enter a different shipping address from your billing address at checkout, but it’s also possible to send a “gift invoice” with the prices omitted. To do this you’ll want to edit your shopping cart, before you actually go to checkout. Once in your shopping cart, there will be a little button for “Gift options” below the list of items in your cart. You can check the box for “Gift Receipt” to have the prices taken off, and add a little message for your recipient!


Can you ship my package without your company name/logo/fancy packaging?

All our orders ship in plain polymailers or boxes, with our name only visible in the return address, but if you’d like to go a step further and have the company name removed altogether, we’re happy to take it off for orders within the USA. For international orders, we need to include a company name for Customs purposes, but we have an alternative name that will not be as easily searchable as “Sock Dreams.” If you’d like to have your package shipped this way, send us an email as soon as you place your order, and we can get that taken care of for you.


My tracking link won’t work.

It can sometimes take a few days for tracking to activate, so if your order just shipped, it may need to go through its first checkpoint before the tracking will be live.

If you’re outside the USA, you can try tracking your order here instead:, using the tracking number from your shipping confirmation email.


I never received my tracking number.

Oh no! Go ahead and email us, and we can forward that along!


Finding Products

These are a lot of socks! How can I narrow things down a bit?

Phew, don’t we know it! We have some drop down menus at the top that can help you narrow things down by type of item (socks, tights, accessories) or length (crew socks, thigh highs, etc.), but once you’re in those areas, you can narrow things down even more using the filters to the left. For instance, if you click on Collection, it’ll show a bunch of fun options to pick from, like Hand Made, Organic, and Vintage. You can also use these filters to search by fiber content, seasonal collections, color, and so forth.


What does “OS?” mean?

“OS” stands for “one size,” and is frequently used when an item only comes in one size, as opposed to small, medium, etc. This doesn’t mean it’s “one size fits all” or that it has any specific sizing guarantees, so always make sure to check the Sizing Tips for the specific item!


I’m in the Plus Size section, but many things only say “OS”. Will they fit me?

We have a lot of OS items that fit into plus sizes and are included in our Plus Size section (like the Extraordinary Thigh Highs, for example). They’re there because we’ve tested them, and we know they will work on a lot of plus size legs. However, there is no “one size fits all” or one standard plus size, so make sure to check the Sizing Tips to see if the item will fit your measurements.


How do I measure myself? What measurements do I need?

Good question! We have a whole blog post of tips for measuring yourself, but basically you’ll want to know your foot size, the circumferences of your calf, lower thigh (a few inches above your knee), upper thigh (the widest part of your thigh), hips, waist, and inseam, depending on which items you’re looking for.


Technical Issues

My checkout page just keeps loading and loading.

Usually this issue is caused by an adblocker. Even though we never use ads on our website, some adblockers will freeze our checkout pages. Try pausing your adblocker, or listing as a safe site. If the issue persists, or you’re not using an adblocker, you can also try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. If that still doesn’t work, drop us a line or give us a call!


The site is loading weirdly for me…is it broken?

It’s possible you hit it during a high-traffic moment, but more likely there are some old cookies clogging down your browser. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, or switching to a different browser.


I have a gift card, but now the code won’t work. Do they expire?

Not to worry, our gift cards never expire! First off, check to make sure you’re not mistaking an I for a 1 or an O for a 0, and make sure there aren’t any spaces entered before or after the code. If you have an account, it’s possible the gift card was redeemed for store credit, and now lives in your account. The code will no longer work if this is the case, but you can access your store credit from the payment screen at checkout—and no more needing to keep track of a card! If you don’t have an account, email us with the code on the back of your card, and we can see if the code was used on one of your previous orders, or if there could be some other error causing it to go wrong.


I emailed you, but I haven’t heard back.

Things can get a little chaotic during the holidays, so if you have an urgent question, it’s always best to give us a call—especially if it involves changes to a recent order.

We try to answer most emails within 48 hours (not counting weekends, when we’re closed), so if you haven’t heard back from us after that, it may be worth sending a second email. Internet gremlins have been known to swipe emails from us before, so if you’re concerned that we may have missed your email, please reach out again, and we’ll do whatever we can to help!

If you have a complicated stock question, be aware that these emails can take a bit longer, as our stock team may have to do some extra research to track down the perfect socks. You can speed this along by giving us as much information on what you’re looking for, and by letting us know if you need to make the purchase by a specific date.