We know the thousands of socks and accessories on our site can get overwhelming, that’s why we’re going to be spending some Sock Journal time looking at our Gift Collections. These are Dreamer-curated collections of socks at your fingertips, perfect for when you’re searching for a gift (for yourself or somebody else).

Image of someone wearing beautiful purple velvet wrist warmers, which look lovely next to a floral skirt. The text over the image reads "Gift Collections: Indulgent"

One of the wonderful things about socks is that they are, at their most basic, a pedestrian item that accompanies us through some of the most boring bits of the day-to-day. That’s why we love a good pair of socks, because then your day-to-day has a little something extra, something soft and wonderful.

Not all indulgent socks are expensive, we know well that you can pick up a pack of good, basic socks for very cheap. But sometimes, sometimes you want that splurge, that pair of decadently soft, or fabulous socks. You know you’re worth indulgencing, right? Even us Dreamers, surrounded by sumptuous socks all day, have styles we have trouble justifying opening our wallet for. Not because they’re not worth it, but because it’s really hard to spend tens of dollars on something as basic as a sock.

Every single one of us have a pair of socks we wished we’d splurged on, that we loved pulling when customers ordered but couldn’t justify for ourselves. And we know your wishlists are full of the same. Well, darn it. Winter is coming and you deserve a treat. Even if you know it’s just window shopping, a feast for the eyes, let’s dig into our Indulgent Gifts category and daydream about what we’d get ourselves or our loved ones. And maybe, by the end, we’ll have finally talked ourselves into getting that pair we’ve been eyeing.


One of the clearest paths to indulgence is texture. How something feels, how soft or sleek, if it slithers through your fingers or snugs against you like a cloud. You feel indulgent putting it on.  These are definitely styles we love unpacking and pulling, because they feel so wonderful.


We don’t have many velvet styles in general, but what we do have, we love. There was a golden era there in the early 2000s where we saw a lot more velvet, and you know we have our toes crossed we’ll see velvet thigh highs we like again. Until then, we’ll have to sate ourselves with the gorgeous hand-silk screened treats from Polonova.

Two images side by side. Left shows black gloves with gold spirals on them. Right shows purple arm warmers with silver detailing.

On the left: Polonova Klimt Spiral Velvet Gloves
On the right: Polonova Longer Mehndi Hearts Arm Warmers

Made with stretchy velvet right here in Portland, Polonova’s gloves and hand warmers are printed with metallic ink that shimmers and shifts like magic on top of the already hypnotic depth of velvet’s texture. The first Polonova warmer style we carried were short wrist warmers, and they’re still some of our favourites because they pack a lot of drama in a little package. Because they’re hand made, our Polonova stock fluctuates often and some colours are regularly out of stock. By signing up for notifications you help us prioritise what we need to get next.


We’ve only tucked a couple fuzzy styles into our Indulgent category. But that’s because they’re the MOST indulgent fuzzies.

Split image showing the same off-white fuzzy slipper sock. On the left is a full image, showing the grippy bottoms and overall nubby texture. On the right is a closer shot of the cuff, and the soft texture inside.

Berber Fleece Slipper Socks

Polar fleece socks are great, but they tend to come off as cozy and cuddly instead of luxe. But the Berber Fleece Slipper Socks from Polar Feet have a nubby texture and perfect off-white shade that makes them the most luxurious looking (and feeling) slipper sock.

And the other fuzzy-wuzzy in here? You can probably guess:

Split image showing three views of the same softly fuzzy sock. The central image is of them in purple, scrunched down above boots. On the left and right are detail images of the cuff, in off white and dark grey, respectively.

Orkney Angora Over The Knee in Natural, Blackberry and Charcoal

At 50% angora, these over the knee angora socks are basically a dream come true. Getting the full sock (instead of the short socks or the wrist warmers) is truly an indulgence.


Some fibers are just more expensive. They’re more complicated to make, harvest or knit, or they’re ranked carefully by quality and for the good stuff you gotta pay. More often than not they’re wool blends. Cashmere and angora are luxury fibers and their dreamy softness explains why. They’re not wildly sturdy fibers on their own, which is why they’re always blended to some degree (Lambswool doing most of the heavy lifting in making cashmere socks last through multiple wears).

But it doesn’t take much fancy fiber to make an indulgent sock. The Bess Cashmere Slouch Rib Socks are a great example of that. Sure, they’re “only” 10% cashmere and 7% angora, but that’s mixed with a generous amount of silky, slinky viscose, which ups the soft, squishable factor while keeping the price a little less panic-inducing.

Two images side by side showing ribbed knee socks.

Bess Cashmere Slouch Rib Socks in Grey and Merlot

Our options for indulgent wool blends vary with the season (and availability), but we’re suckers for softness and like to keep a couple really primo luxury fiber styles available because we know that when you want cashmere or angora, you really want cashmere or angora.

That Personal Touch

One thing that can really make something indulgent is the touch of an artisan. Handmade styles, or things that have been hand-finished or altered, are truly wonderful. The Hand Made and Altered selection in the Indulgent category is full of such delights.

We’ve already touched on Polonova, but if velvet isn’t your thing, how about organic cotton blends? Texture Clothing is beautifully eco-conscious and their Knit Mitts are available only in limited batches and colours because they’re made from the scrap fabric generated by Texture Clothing’s clothing production.

Split image showing two colour variations of the same knit cotton arm warmers. The left image has a medium grey hand and a navy arm, the right image has a navy hand and a black arm.

Knit Mitts in Navy/Pewter and Black/Navy

Actually, what’s really indulgent are beautiful handmade accessories. Modern life has taken a lot of lifestyle and fashion accessories away from us, but we’ll never let go of garters. And the garters from Revivall Clothing are just the thing we dream about.

A model wearing white socks with light brown sock garters with a darker clip.

3/4 Inch Elastic Buckle Garter

A tasteful combination of elastic and leather, with a beautifully simple buckle, Revivall Clothing’s garters are indulgent without being flamboyant.

Indulge Yourself

Of course, there are so many other delightful luxuries and fanciful treats in our Indulgent Gifts category. Socks that make you smile, or cushion your toes just right, don’t always need to be indulgent and luxurious, but sometimes? Sometimes that reminder that you’re worth indulging is what you need. ♥