As you may know, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays (we even try to keep our Halloween section stocked year-round), and we tend to celebrate with a casual "Halloweek" by wearing in costumes the week leading up to the big day. This year comfy was the name of the game (there were a lot of onesies involved), but we snapped this group shot yesterday at HQ:

A group shot of people in costumes, with creepy spide webs in the background.

And today we were serving Halloween Day realness, with our littlest Dreamer on hand!

Group shot of people in costumes, taken inside a warehouse, in front of a film set.

Of course, our Shoppies also got in on the action! Here's Scrooge McDuck and The Mad Hatter for #tophattuesday!

Split shot of two people in Halloween costumes; on a left, a Scrooge McDuck done with a white skirt and red tights, and on the right a Mad Hatter with mismatched socks.

For today, they pulled out all the stops and went as each other! You have to kind of know them to fully appreciate it, but trust me; these are spot-on!

Split shot of three Dreamers dressed as each other.

Left: Danielle as Rose
Middle: Rose as Rae
Right: Rae as Danielle

We hope you all have a spooky, creepy, delightful Halloween!