We’ve reached October, that wonderful time known to some as “fall”, but to many as “Halloween season!” We get pretty excited about this time of year, and as you start to plan your costumes, we wanted to round up some highlights from years past.

DIY Delights

We love a good DIY, and here we’ve rounded up the most Halloween-appropriate ones. May they make this year’s costuming even easier!

Cosplay Gloves

Often referred to as “armsocks” in the cosplay community, these gloves can be a real time-saver when you’re trying to depict supernatural skin tones. With your arms and legs easily matching, all you need to paint is your face, neck, and any of your chest or midriff not covered by your costume.

No-Sew Thigh High Boots

Your costume is almost perfect. You've got your skirt and your corset. You've got your wig and your props. The only thing you need to pull it all together is a pair of colorful thigh high boots. When buying expensive footwear is out of the question, but we have another solution…

Last Minute DIY Costume - Eight Legged Freaks

Even those of us who are obsessed with Halloween and think about it all year around sometimes miss the deadline on assembling costume elements and must get creative with what we have on hand. This year we've got a pretty easy last-minute DIY which you should be able to style into either a humanoid octopus or spider costume, and best of all, you might already have most of the things you'll need!

Drawing Detail

Though we do have a rather wide selection of items, sometimes we just don’t have exactly that stripe or pattern that you need. But a steady hand and a little patience can take you a long way. Here we've got two quickie guides on adding your own details to socks, and there's a bonus DIY at the end too!


Dye-ing to Meet You

If, try as you might, you just can’t find the right socks for your costume, we’ve got some tutorials for dying your socks and tights to match your needs.

Ready Set Color

If you’ve never dyed socks before, don’t stress, it is super easy!  We’ll walk you through the basics, so you have the foundation to play to your heart’s content. For just straight up dyeing cotton blends like the socks in our Crafty Bundles, something easy to get and use like RIT Dye works pretty well, especially if you’re just learning...

More Dyeing Techniques

Once you start experimenting more with dyeing socks and fabric, you can also start looking into the wide world of dyes that are chemically formulated for specific fibers. Even if you’re not ready for learning the scientific ins and outs of fancy dyes, you can expand your techniques and start playing around with ways to add color.

Dyeing Nylon

We’ve shown you the basics of dyeing socks and how easy it is. All you need is a box of dye and some hot water. But what about styles that aren’t cotton blends? What about non RIT dye options?  Well just you wait. Nothing dyes quite as wonderfully as nylon.

Dyeing Stockings to Match

There's something really fantastic about nylons and how they visually smooth out your skin, making your legs look even more fabulous. Of course, that illusion works best if your stockings are a similar tone to your skin. People come in a lot of different shades, so it is rather frustrating that most companies that make the nylons we sell only offer lighter shades of beige, but there are ways to custom-dye your own nylons.

Historically Inspired

We love diving into research and pulling out interesting moments in sock history, from the very oldest socks (a split-toe sock similar to a tabi sock) to modern fashions like top-stripes, with plenty of costume-inspiration along the way.

Historical Costuming Series

Beginning with Medieval Europe with  Part 1, continuing on through the 18th and 19th centuries with Part 2, and rounding it out with some semi-contemporary 20th Century styles in Part 3, this series will help you reenact your favorite eras with (mostly) accurate socks.


Socks Through Time Series

This series goes a step deeper, taking a look at specific socks in history—like the intellectual women of the 18th Century who wore "bluestockings"—or the broad history of fashion staples like fishnets. If you're looking to add a little extra depth to an outfit, this is the place to look!

The Beginning - We begin our journey with a look at the earliest surviving pair of socks.
Bluestockings - Learn how this term came to stand for much more than just bluish socks.
Shakespeare's Embarrassing Stockings - We look at a stocking requirement that often haunts costuming departments.
The History of Fishnet - From Grimm fairytales and Paris dancers, fishnet styles have had quite a journey.
The History of Rayon - A dive into one of our favorite man-made fibers.
The History of Goth - From the Goths to modern gothic fashion, the times (and styles) have changed a lot.
The History of Top-Stripes - A bit of a current trend, this style has deep roots.