We know the thousands of socks and accessories on our site can get overwhelming, that’s why we’re going to be spending some Sock Journal time looking at our Gift Collections. These are Dreamer-curated collections of socks at your fingertips, perfect for when you’re searching for a gift (for yourself or somebody else).

two parents sit on a couch on either side of a small toddler sitting on the floor, they are all wearing matching red plaid slipper socks

Whether you’re shopping for your own family or for somebody else’s, one thing is for certain: matching a parent’s socks to what their kids are wearing is pretty dang cute. It’s definitely a theme we’ve shared before on the Sock Journal, because nothing makes our day like pulling an order that is clearly going to a matchy family.

That’s why we’ve put together both the Socks For The Family and Parent & Baby gift collections! Socks For The Family focuses on matching styles across a range of foot sizes, from larger and smaller adult feet to kid and toddler toes. Parent & Baby socks and styles collect our favourite wee baby socks (infant and toddler sizes) and styles that are particularly comfortable for new parents.


Soothing and Supportive Socks

Bringing a baby home also brings with it a lot of late nights and long days. So, when we were building the Parent & Baby collection, we wanted to pick out our most snuggly, supportive styles for new parents. We made sure there was a range of sizes and styles available, because a lot of things that are made for pregnant (or recently pregnant) bodies and new parents really, well, they look like it.

Cute Compression

But just because you have a fresh little face in your life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep how cool your look is. Some of these socks, the compression socks in particular, are office-ready.

The Therafirm Maternity Light Support line had 10-15mmHG gradient compression in the legs to ease swelling and fatigue and their wonderful top is gentle and stretchy, offering added stability and comfort that can be worn pulled up or folded down, however your body decides is most comfortable. And they’re just as comfortable and supportive to wear after the baby is born.

image of a pregnant person lounging back comfortably, wearing dark red leggings

Of course, we also included awesome compression socks by Sockwell and b.ella, in a range of foot sizes and styles! These are especially great if you’re shopping for someone else, because then you only need to worry about their foot size (most Sockwell compression socks stretch comfortably up to 20 inches in the calf!).

If the wool itchies have kept you from compression, b.Ella’s cotton compression socks are just for you! Now everybody can enjoy the improved circulation and reduction in aches that light and moderate compression socks offer!

split image showing three patterned compression socks, from left to right: blue and grey argyle knee highs, brown and turquoise stripe crews, navy with thin multi-coloured stripe knee highs
From left to right: Lyon Cotton Compression Knee High, Plantar Ease Firm Compression Crew, Circulator Compression Knee High – Smaller Feet

The key to compression is wearing it correctly, and they can be a little intimidating to put on the first time so be sure to check out our post on wearing compression socks for tips and tricks.


Cool Comfort

When you have a brand new human around, the idea of putting on anything other than comfy clothes can be too much. We made sure to include Polar Feet Slipper socks, their cozy fleece and no-slip soles make them the best thing to slip on when you’re stepping around the house. The Berber Fleece Slipper Socks are particularly snuggly, with nubbly texture that treats your toes.

split image showing the same berber-textured fleece socks on both sides, on the left the grippy paw print pattern is shown

Plus, we picked a couple things that are purely indulgent, because you’re working hard and worth it. The Orkney Angora Thick Thermal Socks and Angora Wrist Warmers are warm, soothing styles that are perfect for those late nights trying to get somebody to sleep. The little wrist warmers are easily washed by hand and dry quickly, so even though they’re fancy angora, they’ll stand up to spit-up.

split image showing super fuzzy-soft grey angora crew socks on the left, comfortably ribbed angora wrist warmers in royal blue on the right
On left: Orkney Angora Thick Thermal Socks
On right: Angora Wrist Warmers


Itty Bitty Infant Socks

In comparison, the socks for little feet in the Parent & Baby collection are far less exciting. But, to be fair, brand new babies don’t know the wide world of socks available that they’re missing out on.

By far the most popular infant socks we carry are b.ella baby socks. They’re so cute and crazy snuggly, in wonderful wool blends and fun colours. They have pretty good stretch and tend to be a little loose on fresh feet, but can be worn until about 6 months, depending on how big baby’s feet started out at.

split image showing adult hands holding tiny, fuzzy baby socks on the left; on the right are wee baby feet dressed up in bright polka-dot socks
On left: Baby Teddy Bootie in Brown/Turquoise
On right: Dottie Polka Dot Baby Socks in Turquoise w/Lime Dots

There are also wool-free baby sock options, in comfy cotton blends. Probably the most recommended (by us and our customers!) favourite are the Space Dyed Terry Baby Bootie. The stretch on these is amazing. Because babies just keep growing, and sometimes you want a dang sock that’ll stay with them for a while!

close up shot of tiny baby feet wearing multi-coloured terry socks, as the baby crawls away

We know kiddos who have worn these socks up to three years old! The stretch is really amazing. And these space dyed make a great segue into the next collection.


Matchy Socks

If you find yourself envying your kid’s socks, then the Socks For The Family collection is for you. Those super stretchy, snuggly terry space dyed socks we just mentioned? Oh yeah, you can get them in your size.

split image, on both sides are the same style of space dyed terry anklet in blues, teals and purples. On the left they're shown in an adult socks, on the right they're shown in toddler socks

On left: Space Dyed Terry Shorties in Peacock
On right: Space Dyed Terry Baby Bootie in Peacock

This collection we really recommend you browse by “Featured”, rather than “A-Z” or “$-$$$”. Sometimes adult and kid socks aren’t named similarly, so we’ve arranged them on this page to put them by each other. Overall, the socks in this collection are sized more for kid feet than little babies, though there are some great toddler socks in here as well!

The whole collection is started off by our Harvest Rainbow family. Six styles of socks in subdued, perfect rainbows, with a height and shoe size for just about everyone. The most matchy are the crew socks and knee highs, but there are two taller styles as well! We love our Extraordinary socks because they fit such a great range of feet, a 7-14 in women’s shoe sizes and a 5-12 in mens! The knee high and crew have a smaller range, only fitting up to an 11 in US men’s shoe sizes.

split image showing the same style of subdued rainbow stripe crew sock. On the left they're shown in kids socks, on the right they're shown in adult socks

On left: Harvest Rainbow Kid’s Crew
On right: Harvest Rainbow Crew

For little feet, our kids socks come in two sizes: Youth and Junior. The Youth are best for folks aged 3-6 and fit kid’s shoe sizes 9-13 best. The Junior are best for folks aged 6-10 and fit kid’s shoe sizes 10-3.5 (which is up to a US women’s size 5!).

There are lots of great critter socks, for playful creatures of all ages, from wolves to cryptids to cute little bugs! We (and our Dreamer kids) love the Very Hungry Caterpillar socks quite a bit. On the smaller size of a lot of the kid’s socks in this collection, they fit up to a US kid’s size 2 and have grippy dots on the bottom of the feet, for more stable little steps.

a close shot of a parent and small toddler, both are wearing green and white striped socks with the red face of the Very Hungry Caterpillar on the toes

Shown: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Crew and the The Very Hungry Caterpillar Toddler Crew 4-Pack

We’ve loosely arranged the socks by brand (after a couple rows of our top favourites), both Sweet Marcel and Sock It To Me offer a great selection of socks for bigs and littles. The Planets collection from Sock It To Me are properly out of this world.

image showing three versions of the same socks covered in planets and stars.

From left to right: Planets Knee High, Planets Youth & Junior Knee High, Planets Midcalf


Style Your Family in Fabulous Socks

We always keep our eye out for socks for a wide range of family feet, because we know that sometimes the grownup feet that walk beside the little ones aren’t the standard US women’s shoe size 6-10. And we also know that big sibling feet want to be as cute as the new baby’s! Since you’re all part of our big Sock Dreaming family, we want to make sure that your toes are properly bedecked in marvellously matchy, comfortable and cute socks.