With Earth Day last Saturday, and Arbor Day this coming Friday, our minds are turned to the lovely Earth we inhabit, and many of the animals who share it with us. We’re pretty lucky to call this planet home. It’s certainly the most hospitable planet we’ve found so far! Although sometimes we humans have trouble getting along, it’s not hard to see that we have a lot worth protecting here.

We've pulled a few items from our Woodland Collection to share with you today. First, we have to start with the world itself, and some of the stunning sites it provides us.

Earth vs Cosmos Knee Socks
Fir Sure Knee Highs
Spectrum Trail Midweight Crew Toe Socks

Of course, that gorgeous scenery would be nothing without the plants that give it so much green. You'll find some of nature's most fascinating flora in Ozone's Witch's Garden line.

Bioluminescent Spores Crews
Belladonna Crews
Fairy Gloves Crews

And we can’t forget the animals (aside from us) who call the Earth home! They may look cute and cuddly, but they're experts at surviving the beautiful, dangerous world.

Owl Slipper Socks
Bunny Tights
Fawn Memories Knee Highs

We even have socks to represent the Pacific Northwest’s very own cryptid, the elusive Big Foot. He may be a little shy, but we think he's alright.

Big Foot Sweater Midcalf Socks
King Size Bigfoot Midcalf Socks
Big Foot Sweater Toddler Knee Highs

Whether you’re used to rural living, or you have to go a long way to escape your urban setting, there’s a lot to be gained from exploring all the beauties nature has to offer. Just remember to camp responsibly!

Camping Gear Midcalf Socks