We know the thousands of socks and accessories on our site can get overwhelming, that’s why we’re going to be spending some Sock Journal time looking at our Gift Collections. These are Dreamer-curated collections of socks at your fingertips, perfect for when you’re searching for a gift (for yourself or somebody else).

image of a person wearing arm warmers reading the palm of another person wearing arm warmers with fortune-telling lines printed on them, text over image reads Gift Collections: Witchy Wonders

Spring is in the air! No matter how mean March was, it can’t stop the waning of winter. With the Spring Equinox on March 20th, the magic of seasonal change charges the months ahead and makes us want to inject a little Witchy Wonder into our everyday.

With a wealth of florals and more than a couple celestial styles, these socks will definitely put a spell on you. What we wear is part of our armor and strength, and we love these witchy styles for how good they look and make us feel. That makes them great gifts for yourself and others, adding a little loving intention to an already fun present.


Embrace the Elements

The four (or five, depending) elements are a favourite theme in socks; besides being beautiful, it’s a great way to feel like you’re channeling some elemental power. Fiery determination, the calm of Water, grounding Earth or mutable Air. Having a little reminder of your strength worked into what you wear can be a powerful thing.

Sometimes there’re five elements represented. If you’re the Captain Planet type, then you know it’s “heart,” but when we were making our Elemental Stripes, we chose “Spirit” for the fifth and rendered it in potent purples. Available in three heights, our Dreamer Socks Elemental styles use beautiful stripes to wrap you in your chosen element.

a series of three images showing different heights of a sock striped in purples and greys, from left to right are thigh high socks, crew socks and over the knee socks

From left to right: Extraordinarily Longer Elemental Stripe, Dreamer Elemental Stripe Midcalf, Extraordinary Elemental Stripe

Elemental socks are too cool to not play with, which is why Ozone and Symbolic Socks also offer their interpretations. Gorgeous and graphic, both brands pull symbology into their socks, with crackling flames in Ozone’s Fire Crew, or the flowing imagery of the Ace of Cups tarot card in Symbolic Socks’ Elemental Water Midcalf. And, both brands call forth the grounding and verdant power of Earth in their elemental styles.

split image showing two earth element styles. On the left an over the calf sock in browns with grounding triangle imagery, on the right is a crew sock with green leaves and vines overtaking the brown

On left: Elemental Earth Midcalf
On right: Earth Crew

We think that no matter what you pick, if you wear a pair of any of these socks you’ll definitely find yourself in your element.


Wander a Witches’ Garden

When Ozone introduced their Witches’ Garden line the idea took seed in our hearts and we were transfixed. With eight delightfully dangerous plants selected for their magical associations, they’re also fun to mix and match for your own powerful prescription! Each pair has a little tag offering possible combinations to conjure what you want out of your day.

To imbue invincibility, pair the Devil’s Breath Crew with a Morning Glory Crew.

split image showing socks with the orange belled blossoms of Devil’s Breath on the left, and wide blue Morning Glory on the right

For channeling charisma, try an Amanita Muscaria Crew with a Belladona Crew.

 split image showing socks with the classic white-spotted Amanita Muscaria on the left, and the blue Belladona on the right

We think these are particularly great gifts, with their bright colors and beautiful blooms. Plus, if you mix and match, then you can keep one of the sets for yourself, so you and your giftee share the spell!

Of course, these crew socks are just as magical on their own, with beautiful floral designs running from toes to cuffs. We’re particularly bewitched by the Bioluminescent Spores Crew, which have little spots that react fantastically to blacklight!

split image showing the mushroom patterned socks, on the left showing their purple and green colours under daylight and on the right showing how the green glows neon under blacklight.


Seek Your Strength in the Stars

Time to get spacey. Whether you’re moved by the moon or scry the stars, there are socks to reflect your celestial influences. Looking up into the night sky for calm and guidance is an ancient part of humanity. The stars are particularly helpful with this, guiding our steps more than spiritually, thanks to their distinct displays that aid in navigation.

Available in two sock lengths from Sock It To Me and as an arm warmer from Una, those consoling constellations can lead the way in person!

three part image showing a pattern of stars and constellations on a midcalf sock, arm warmers and knee highs

From left to right: Constellation Midcalf, Constellation Arm Cozies, Constellation Knee High

We love that there are matching arm warmers and socks for this design, even though they’re from different brands. It’s almost like it was foretold in the um, the stars. Similar marvelously matching options are also available in heavenly bodies, with the phases of the moon cycling over both socks and arm warmers, again from Sock It To Me and Una, respectively.

split image showing arm warmers on the left and knee high socks on the right, both depicting the phases of the moon

On the left: Going Through A Phase Arm Cozies
On the right: Just A Phase Knee High


Cast Your Lot for Cute Socks

Of course, we couldn’t dip a toe into witchy wonderfulness without including some clairvoyance! Whatever ‘mancy is your fancy (we like podomancy—check out this amazing list of divination methods on Wikipedia!), we think we see these styles in your future:

split image, showing crew socks with a repeating pattern resembling a psychic’s sign on the left and arm warmers with palm divination lines printed across the hands on the right

On the left: Psychic Reader Crew
On the right: Palmistry Arm Cozies


Find Magic Every Day

Of course, we’ve got some more styles hiding in the cauldron that contains our Witchy Wonders collection, from spirit boards to symbols. Even if you think the whole thing is a little “woo” it’s worth remembering that sometimes a simple pair of good socks can be the thing that casts a spell of confidence on your day.