We’ve talked about socks for nerds of various types before, but what about a slightly more scrumptious obsession…like food? Here in Portland, we have a pretty thriving Foodie scene, and we’ve got some socks to keep you full and satisfied throughout your whole day.

We start things off with what they say is the most important meal of the day: Breakfast! It's hard to beat waking up to a lovely stack of waffles (especially if you add a couple strawberries on top), and you can wash it all down with a big cup of coffee. Now you're ready to tackle the day!

~Waffles Knee Highs~

~Caffeine the Molecule Midcalf Socks~

When your day starts to slow you down, it’s time to break for a quick lunch. There’s nothing more classic and fulfilling, especially in that comfort-food way, than a good old PB&J sandwich. And though not quite as iconic as jam and peanut butter, bananas make for a great compliment.

~PB&J Crew~

~Top Banana Knee High~

It can be hard to push through all the way to dinner, so we recommend keeping a few snack items on hand to make sure you don’t get too run down between main meals. How about a handful of cherries to keep you going, or a bite of candy to satisfying that sweet tooth?

~Cherry Bomb Midcalf Socks~

~Candy Corn Stripes~

Finally, the day is almost done, and it’s time to relax with some candlelight and good company. We happen to have the perfect pair to garnish a burger--a few strips of bacon, and a sliver or two of avocado.

~Bacon Knee Highs~

~Avocado Crews~

To top everything off, you may want to try one of our desserts. We’ve got pie straight from Grandma’s kitchen, or some refreshing Neapolitan ice cream.

~Thanksgiving Pies Crews~

~Neapolitan Stripes~

If you're still munchy, we have a few other morsels to tempt you with...check out all our Snack Socks! And to relax even more, you can indulge in our Vices.