We know the thousands of socks and accessories on our site can get overwhelming, that’s why we’re going to be spending some Sock Journal time looking at our Gift Collections. These are Dreamer-curated collections of socks at your fingertips, perfect for when you’re searching for a gift (for yourself or somebody else).

image of a person adjusting purple and grey arm sleeves, text over image reads Gift Collections: Just Because

Whew, so, we're clear of winter holidays and have made it safely past Valentines. Time to take a gift breather, right? Get yourself something nice? You don’t need a reason to treat yourself, you can do it Just Because. Because you deserve it, because you're awesome, because you need some new socks!

Of course, this Gift Collection is also a great source for last minute "just because" gifts. With the majority of the styles under $20 (and a lot of those under $10!!), there are a lot of great little treats in here that are perfect for guilt-free gifts. Whether you've got a suprise birthday coming up, a new friend, or know somebody who just deserves something nice, you'll find it.


Just because you should try these basics

We tried our best to pick not only Dreamer favourites, but styles that we've found sell well. If you're treating yourself, see if there's a basic in here you've never tried before. All of you beautiful socksters can't be wrong! For example, have you ever tried sleeves? Simple tubes, with at least one finished end, they can be worn on the arms or the legs. They're great paired with short sleeve shirts for suprise chills and they offer more skin coverage on the arms without the extra heat of layered shirts.

Our M Sleeves and Dreamy Sleeves are perfect examples of a nice, lightweight sleeve. With 17 inches of stretch in the cuff, they fit a wide range of arms (great when you're trying to buy something for someone you don't know super well) and the unfinished end rolls beautifully.

a split image showing striped arm sleeves in white and light blue and a pair in dark red, brown and greens
On the left: M Sleeves in White/Light Blue
On the right: Dreamy Sleeves in Dusk

Plus, a lot of the colorways in both the Dreamy Sleeves and the M Sleeves match the Dreamy Knees and other striped DreaM Stockings! There's something magical about matching head-to-toe and pairing these arm sleeves and socks makes it easy!

a cute image of a person with dark curly hair wearing matching arm warmers and socks in purple and turquoise
Peacock Dreamy Sleeves and Dreamy Knees

Like sleeves, a style that is worth checking out, or getting just because, are leg warmers. Now, we know you're probably fully aware that leg warmers have transcended 80s trends to land cozily on a lot of legs today. Like sleeves, they're a suprisingly robust basic that makes a great addition to anyone's wardrobe. We picked a couple of the best leg warmers to be in the Just Because gift collection in hopes some more folks will give them a whirl.

Two of the cozier options are the Super-Long Ribbed Leg Warmers and our Shorty Scrunchable Warmers. Ultra-soft and stretchy, the aptly-named Super-Longs are 40 inches long and while one cuff only stretches to 25 inches, the unfinished cuff end stretches to 30 inches! For a shorter option in recycled cotton, the Shorty Scrunchables only stretch to 22 inches, but since they're a petite 20 inches from end to end they fit a wide range of legs as knee high leg warmers.

split image showing two kinds of leg warmers, one teal pair that is soft looking and thigh high, one grey pair that is scrunched up below the knee

On the left: Super-Long Ribbed Leg Warmers in Peacock
On the right: Shorty Scrunchable Warmers in Charcoal


Just because they're fun and/or fabulous

Of course, there's more to life than basics. For instance, there are cats. The Black Cat Opaque & Sheer Anklets are angeringly adorable. Look at their cute faces, look at them. AUGH TOO CUTE. And their cuffs stretch to 14 inches! Good kitty.

picture of anklets that are a mix of opaque and sheer, with a cute stylised cat face. The person wearing the socks has yarn draped over their toes to make it look like the cat is playing

These fab felines aren't the only fun stuff in the Just Because gift collection, of course. With lots of Sock It To Me, Socksmith and BlueQ, we've collected some of the best novelty socks for quick gifts. Because sometimes all you know about someone is that they like a certain animal or food, or swear word.

split image showing three novelty socks: knee high socks based on Van Gogh's Starry Night, over the knee socks with a cute fox head, and crew socks that have the word Hellraiser above a children's book illustration
From left to right: Starry Night Knee High, Fox Knee Socks, Hellraiser Crew

Novelty socks are nice because it makes gift giving easy. Even when you know somebody well, your mind can still blank on what to give them! But if you know one single basic fact about a person, you can probably find a sock to match it. And if you're still struggling, email us and tell us what you're looking for. Remember, the more information you can give us, the better we can help you!


Just because it's time to try toe socks

Why not. Maybe you've been eyeing these dang things and wondering if you'd like them as much as you did when you went through your quirky phase in high school. Maybe you love them and you're trying to find a good, low-impact gateway to toe socks to give to your friends. I mean, they are great. With each toe tucked comfortably into it's own little house, your balance is better and your toes rub against each other less. But toe socks can be spendy. So many toed socks are sports-oriented right now, which means they've been engineered and designed and perfected for optimum performance. Which is awesome, if that's what you need. But if you just need a goof? Then you need these toe socks.

split image showing two colorways of striped toe socks

On left: Pink Rainbow Toe Socks
On right: Peacock Stripe Toe Socks

Foot Traffic's toe socks are super straightforward. They're tubes, so they don't care how big or small your foot is. They have a pretty basic toe shape that fits most toes, they have okay stretch (about 15 inches in the cuff and 18 inches in the calf) and at $10 they're not so expensive you can't pick up a pair on a whim.


Just because: socks

Life is tough and finding small pick-me-ups can be hard. There are lots of ways to give yourself or others a little boost without buying something, but sometimes, silly, soft or super weird socks are what the heart needs to laugh and know they're loved. ♥