With St. Patrick's Day next week, this is the season of green, and with Pantone's Color of the Year being the lovely Greenery, we've got a lot of good options to make this season really pop.

Sock It To Me's Clover Knee Highs are an obvious choice for St. Patrick's Day. We've found they will fit from a women's US shoe size 6 to a men's 9, so their range isn't bad, either.

Gumball Poodle's Beer Knee Highs are a good companion to the holiday, depending on how you'll be celebrating. We've found they fit pretty well from a women's shoe size 6 up to a men's 11, so these socks can work on a lot of legs!

If you're looking for something a little subtler, our green section is full of lovely hues, but there are a few that we think are especially appropriate for this month.

We've got some lovely Kelly options:


Harajuku Scrunchy Socks in Kelly

Black Sheep Midcalf Socks

Some that skew more towards Forest:


Diamond Rib Knee Socks in Hunter

Bobby Socklings in Forest

And some that are a bit Mossier:


Arroyo Midcalf Socks

We even took to Twitter to set our greens against each other, to determine which color was the closest match for Pantone's Greenery. There were eight contestants (which you can see in this lovely category), but in the end, it came down to just two.

New Zealand Kiwi Bed Socks

Harajuku Arm Warmers in Green Tea

It was a close race, but in the end the arm warmers shot ahead, winning with 55% of the votes. Ladies, Gentlemen, and other folks, I give you your winner: