At long last it is time for our final sock-o-scope! Despite starting towards the beginning of the year, Pisces is traditionally the last sign in the western zodiac, perhaps because they have the level of patience and empathy required to be at the end. The joke's on everybody else, though, because Pisces probably has the most socks to choose from, including several newer styles which have become available since we started writing about the signs last March!

Our Pisces logo sticker sports Dreamer Tidal Swirl Thigh Highs in faded blues, and is available for free with orders! Just leave a gift note requesting one at checkout!

Together with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, Pisces forms a sort of book end of the human psyche. While Aries is the great initiator, and all about taking action, Pisces are more about the emotional and mystical realms, and are known for being the dreamiest sign. This means that Pisces tend to be drawn to creative or artistic endeavors. As it so happens, we have a whole Artistic category for you!

Frida's Midcalf (photo provided by supplier) * Hokusai Tabi * Starry Night Knee High

Since Pisces is the dreamy sign, it follows that they're known for their love of sleep! This is where bedsocks could really come in handy -- nobody likes chilly feet when they're trying to hibernate! But if comfort alone isn't quite enough to send you off into dreamland, perhaps these sleepy styles can inspire some Zs for you.

Sleepy Sheep NZ Bed Socks * Mystic Moon Crew

But even amateur astrologers like us know that what Pisces is really known for is their empathy. Like all water signs, they're deeply attuned to the world of emotions, but Pisces is the sign with the most outward focus, meaning they are profoundly affected by the emotions of others. A Pisces loves to share the joys and triumphs of their friends, but of course nobody is happy all of the time, and Pisces picks up a lot of negative emotions as well. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that Pisces can be prone to sadness. Luckily they're also a pro at processing emotions, and taking the time they need for self-care. Just be careful not to overburden the Pisces in your life -- remember that they probably act as a shoulder to cry on for most of their friends, and that can get to be a very heavy burden indeed.

Manatees Knee High * Love Bites Knee High * Polly Knee High

Though Pisces is represented by two fish, there is some debate about sub-types within the Pisces sign, and even further debate about what these subtypes mean. We're honestly a bit overwhelmed by all of the nuance involved in these types, so we might not get much into their meanings so much as what they are. There are those who say that Pisces people fall into either the dolphin category, or the whale category. Others say that that whales and dolphins aren't even fish (they aren't wrong on that score), and really Pisces are all fish, but some Pisces are also sharks. We mostly just know about socks, so we will leave the interpretation of these sub-types up to you, and present you with some options for any of the above.

Fish Knee High * Leg Eater Trout Midcalf
Landlord Midcalf * Orca Knee High * Kid's Dolphin Vs. Fish Midcalf

As previously mentioned, Pisces is a water sign, and you'd better believe we have socks for that! Pisces is also ruled by the planet Neptune, which corresponds with the ancient Greek god of the sea, Poseidon.

Pisces Midcalf * Poseidon Midcalf
Elemental Water Midcalf * Dreamer Mermaid Stripes Thigh High * Dreamer Vertical Mermaid Stripes Thigh High

Happy birthday, Pisces! If you can't tell, we love you! And with this, we conclude our year of socky horoscopes. It's been so much fun seeing which suggestions resonate with people of each sign, so thank you to everybody who has come along with us on this, and especially those of you who share and comment. Your feedback and interaction are always appreciated.