We thought this year for Valentine’s day we’d highlight one of our favorite styles: backseams. We get a lot of requests for styles featuring a delicate design down the back, and whether it’s a simple line, or an intricate pattern, these styles are guaranteed to catch the eye.

With how delicate these stockings can be, Dreamer Brenna has some tips and tricks for keeping your stockings in good shape, and getting those backseams in line, in this blog post from 2013.

To start us off, these delicate little hearts are perfect for Valentine’s day:

Heart and Bow Backseam Cuban Heel Stockings

Heart Backseam Over the Knee

We have the traditional backseam look, which is sure to lend an Old Hollywood-feel to your outfit:

Sheer Backseam Pantyhose

Sheer Lace Top Stockings with Backseam

They even come in fishnets, if you're looking for a little something extra:

Fishnet Thigh High Stockings with Backseam

Fishnet Tights with Contrast Backseam

Backseam Fishnet Thigh High with Stay Up Lace Top

And speaking of classic, it's hard to pass up a sexy Cuban heel:

Cuban Heel Stockings

Two-Tone Red Cuban-Heeled Stockings

Contrast Cuff Cuban Heel Thigh High

In addition to the traditional look, we’ve got some styles that take the concept to a new level. These will add a touch of that classic look, with a little extra flare:

Sheer Baroque Cuban Heel Backseam Stockings

Plume Lace Tights with Fan Keyhole Backseam

Vintage Vines Backseam OTK

Tuxedo Knot Knee Socks

Well, that's it for our Best of Backseams, but there are plenty of other designs that we couldn't touch on. Be sure to check out our full Backseam category to see all the treasures!