As a culture, we tend to throw ourselves into the New Year. We use it as an excuse to evaluate ourselves, to set goals, and to try new things. It’s a great opportunity to try something that you’d normally shy away from. That’s why we think it’s a great time to try out your first pair of toe socks!

Toe socks are one of those things that bring out strong opinions in people. Most people fall into two camps--you either love them, or you hate them. But a lot of people who dislike toe socks do so from a purely theoretical standpoint--they look uncomfortable and weird, so they never even try them on. Well, we all have our own preferences, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hating toe socks, but if you’ve never tried them before, you might be missing out on your new favorite type of sock!

The concept behind toe socks is pretty simple; instead of one wide toe, like a mitten, your get individual toes, like a glove. Now, a lot of people think that sounds like a lot of fabric between your toes, but just think how much more convenient gloves are than mittens! Toe socks let your toes move more freely, and can actually help prevent blisters and chafing, especially if you're very active.

Bellarina Half-Toe No-Show Socks with Grips

Bellarina No-Show Toe Socks with Grips

*Wool Outdoor Crew Toe Socks*

If you’re completely new to toe socks, we recommend starting with some of the best. The Injinji line has won over many a skeptic; with their gentle fabric and ultra-fine feel, they’ll keep your toes so comfy, you’ll barely know you’re wearing them.

Sport Footie Toe Socks

Sport Micro Toe Socks

Spectrum Trail Midweight Crew Toe Socks

In the winter, some of us like to wear our little toed anklets under bulkier socks, to keep our toes dry and warm. This is especially nice if you’re wearing the kind of big bulky boots that don’t let your feet breath very well.

Spectrum Narrow Running No-Show Toe Socks

Wool Lightweight Running No-Show Toe Socks

We also have a lot of toe socks in the Novelty category, because let's face it, these can be a pretty entertaining gift.

Rainbow Knee High Toe Socks

Moo Toes

Home Sweet Home Toe Socks

Our Toe Socks section also includes a bunch of tabi socks, since they’re a pretty similar beast. Like toe socks, tabi socks have more separation than your average sock, but this time the toe section is split between your big toe and the rest of your toes. They hail from Japan, and can be a great intermediary between a regular sock and a toe sock. (Fun fact: the earliest surviving pair of socks has a split-toe like a tabi sock. You can read more in this blog post from last year.)

If you want more mobility, but aren’t quite ready to commit to five little toe sections, tabi socks might be perfect for you! They’re also great with flip-flops, or as slipper socks around the house, when you want a little more control over your toes.

Bamboo Tabi Socks

Revolution Compression Tabi Knee Highs

Jellybean Fleece Flip-Flop Crews

Although they can seem unconventional, there's a lot to love about toe socks. You never know until you try! As always, if you have any questions about the fit of an item, or whether or not something will work for you, feel free to drop us a line!