Our first three donations (with sensitive information removed, of course)

One thing we at Sock Dreams love is the opportunity to work with other great businesses and organizations. In the last few months, we’ve started donating a portion of our profits from specific socks to organizations that we really admire and respect. You can keep your eye on our Charitable Socks page to see the current featured items.

We shipped the checks for our first three donations yesterday, and we’ve got our final numbers to share, below. We’re really happy to be able to make these contributions, and we couldn't do it without our loyal customers!

RAINN | $5 per pair
Radiant Rainbow KH: 42
Radiant Rainbow Crews: 58
Total Pairs Sold: 100
Total Donation: $500

Flint Water Fund | $5 per pair
Dreamer Checkerboard Crews: 93
Dreamer Vertically Checkered OTKs: 109
Total Pairs Sold: 202
Total Donation: $1,010

Planned Parenthood | $4 per pair
Striated OTK: 710
Total Pairs Sold: 710
Total Donation: $2,840