Since most of us Dreamers are sock fans, it’s probably not much of a surprise that we occasionally struggle with sock storage. It can be tempting to just throw all our socks into a pile and be done with it, but that can make socks hard to find, not to mention take up valuable floor space.

We’ve shared in the past some of the ways we Dreamers store our socks, and today we’re going to talk about organizing your sock drawer (or sock dresser, as the case may be), complete with a quick DIY.

If you’re going for a complete overhaul of your sock collection, it’s probably easiest to tackle them all at once, so you can start fresh. This will also give you a chance to go through and remove socks that need mending, socks that have outworn their usefulness (literally), and socks that could go on to a better home with a friend or a local thrift store. Seasonal socks can also be moved to longer-term storage, until their season rolls around again.

This is also a good chance to indulge in that tempting sock pile.


Once you’ve determined who will stay and who will go, it’s time to start folding. Our goal here is to 1) make them as compact as possible, 2) make it easy to see everything in your drawer, and 3) maintain the quality of your socks as long as possible. To this end, you want to make your socks into a nice folded square; one that is flat, and can be stood up next to its brethren in your drawer, making your morning grab for a sock that much quicker.

Like so.

There are a few different techniques to folding socks. Perhaps the most common (and certainly the quickest) is to fold the top cuff of one sock over the other, to keep them connected. This may save time, but it doesn’t fulfill any of our folding goals: it takes up lots of space, will quickly lead to a chaotic drawer, and will stress the elastic band of the sock doing the binding. All in all, not an ideal technique.

These Holiday Striped Crews are having a stressful day.

Our preferred method is similar to how we fold many of our Dream Stockings before sending them out. In order to get socks as flat as possible, you lay them face-down, with the heel flattened up. You then place one sock on top of the other, with heels sandwiched in the middle, creating a nice, flat expanse of sock.

sockdrawer19 sockdrawer21
Left: two flattened Elemental Midcalves, heels up. Right: socks with heels sandwiched in.

With longer socks like these Sporty Stripes, you simply start to fold from the toes up, and fold the cuff end in once, to create a clean sock square.

sockdrawer10 sockdrawer12
Left: start with the toes. Right: fold the cuffs back once.


Short socks follow the same pattern, but instead of folding them end over end, you fold the top and bottom inward, and tuck the toes of the socks into the cuff. You can do this without stressing the elastic in the cuff too much, but if you have a particularly tight cuff, it’s better to leave the toe loose. Use your best judgement to maintain the health of your socks!

sockdrawer05-3 sockdrawer06-03
Left: fold the cuffs down. Right: fold the toes up and tuck them into the cuffs.

Look at those happy Sockness Monster Anklets!

Now, once you have all your socks folded, it’s time to put them away. Most socks will sit nicely in line now that they’re all compact, and will stand at attention in your drawer so that you can see every single pair at once. However, this can be hard if you have any footie or no-show socks. That’s where we recommend getting a little crafty.

You can utilize a small shoe box, but it’s pretty easy to make a DIY sock organizer. All you need are scissors, cardboard, and some painter’s tape. If you want to get really fancy, you can cover everything in wrapping paper, to add a nice backdrop to your sock drawer.

sockdrawer15 sockdrawer16
Left: gather your supplies. Right: cut out pieces for the bottom and sides.

sockdrawer17 sockdrawer18
Attach everything with painter's tape!


We decided to make our box the full depth of the drawer, with a large section for anklets, and two small sections for different types of footie and no-show socks. If you don’t want to make a full box, you can use the same supplies to make simple drawer dividers using this handy tutorial.

Now you should have a fully organized sock drawer!


Do you have any secret sock-storage tips to share? Let us know!