It’s getting cold and you want a taller sock or stocking. Either under pants, or with shorts (because summer never dies in our hearts!), or so you can keep wearing skirts but keep covered. For style, comfort or curiosity reasons, you want to try a thigh high. You’ve got your measurements in hand and the Advanced Search limited to “thigh high”, so now what?

We haven’t had a “What is a . . .” breakdown of thigh highs yet, partly because they’re so mutable! Personal taste, inseam and thigh circumference all come into play when walking that definition between a sock that falls “over the knee” and a sock that is truly “thigh high.” So, for the sake of this imaginary shopping plunge you’re about to take, let’s say you want a sock that falls at least in the middle of your thigh.


Extraordinarily Longer styles

Let’s start with a gimmie. The Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs have a length and stretch that we’ve yet to beat. Their cuffs stretch to 27 inches comfortably and are nice and wide, so they aren’t as prone to biting into those soft spots on your leg. At 31 inches from heel to the top of the cuff, unstretched, they have enough length to go up even long, full legs (the more a style stretches around, the less length it often has). They also come in stripes!


I know, they also cost $20, which is a big investment. You can get packs of three knee highs for $8 at your local department store. But our Dreamer Socks are made to our specifications, based on observations on sock fit made over a decade. We really love and believe in our Extraordinarily Longer Thigh Highs and when folks ask us “what should my first thigh high be?” the first reaction of a Dreamer is “these!!” With a foot size range that goes from a US women’s shoe size 7 (a men’s 5) to a men’s shoe size 12 (a women’s 14), they’re kind of a sock dream come true.


I asked my fellow Dreamers what thigh high (excluding the Extraordinarily Longers) what they’d recommend to a person looking for their first truly tall sock and I’ve got their answers for you after the jump!


Another sock from one of our house brands, this time from Dream Stockings! The M45s are a sort of a mixed reincarnation of some old favourites! Here’s what Dreamer Rosalind has to say about them:

Great top stretch, non-constrictive, and insanely comfy and warm for winter. While I might not recommend these right off the bat in warmer months, they are amazing for cooler climates. They look great too, on top of being delightfully utilitarian.


They’ve got a 27 inch stretch in the cuff and about 23 inches of stretch in the ribbed body of the sock. At about 32 inches from heel to top unstretched, they’ve got the going power to make it to a true thigh high height for most legs. And they’ve got a great foot, fitting a US women's shoe size 7-12, which is the same as a men's 5-10.

I’m not personally a taller sock person, but I’ve got a pair of the Lime M45s and I LOVE them. Like all our Dream Stockings, they soften up so much in the wash and their ribbing helps keep them up even when I’m walking miles! At $13 a pair, they’re also more affordable than the Extraordinarily Longer styles.



Sheer Thigh Highs with Lace Stay Up Top

Now, record scratch, these are not socks. The Sheer Thigh Highs with Lace Stay Up Top from Leg Avenue are straight up stockings. And I had two separate Dreamers recommend them as a first thigh high.


Dreamer Stephanie says:

I would recommend the LA Sheer Thigh Highs with Lace Stay-Up Top as a good first timer thigh high. The stay-up top works pretty darn well. It is nice for first timer thigh high wearers to not have to worry about garters or sock glue. Under clothing, they look a lot like regular sheer hose, so they aren’t anything too crazy right off the bat. Plus, two sizes, two colors. Yay for options!

The “one size” version of these stockings has about 21 inches maximum stretch in the cuff. At 25 inches long, they went all the way to the top of a 32 inch inseam on 19 inch thighs, but weren't too long for a 28 inch inseam. Both sizes of this style have a tube-style foot, so they’ll fit just about any size feet!


Dreamer Zaf adds:

I’m going to say the LA sheer holdups. They’re a nice material that doesn’t snag too easily, and the holdups are really great. I didn’t expect them to work for me because nothing stays on my plump thighs for long, but they stayed in place all day. I’m seriously impressed.

The “plus” version has about 25 inches maximum stretch in the cuff. At 30 inches long they were true thigh highs for a 28 inch inseam and even for a 32 inch inseam on 25 inch thighs. The 5 inch wide lace cuff really does magic in redistributing all the hold-up power, making these stockings amazing at not pinching into your legs.

Like all stockings with a high nylon content this sheer, they’re more delicate than socks, even with the sturdy lace cuff and their reinforced toe. We have some tips about avoiding snags on the Sock Journal to help you out, because we understand that, at $12 a pair for such sheer wisps of stocking, getting a snag is super frustrating. But these long lovelies are worth the risk as a first pair of nylon thigh highs!



Harajuku Scrunchy Socks

Yeah, they scrunch, but they also stretch! You’ll want some sock garters with these, but the Harajuku Scrunchy Socks have a bunch of colours, are super soft and Dreamer Lucy recommends them as your first thigh high:

I think a great pair of thigh highs to start out with are the Harajuku Scrunchy Socks. They’re super soft and cozy, and since they can be easily scrunched down as knee highs, they’ll still work even if you decide thigh highs aren’t your thing. They also come in a bunch of wonderful colors. Their looser top means they fit a wide range of legs, but I find they stay up best when worn over leggings or with the help of a garter belt or sock glue.


With about 24 inches of stretch at the top and 22 inches of stretch in the body of the sock, these socks can be more of an OTK on fuller or longer legs (they’re 27 inches from heel to top of cuff). But they are a great first step into thigh highs, and you get the benefit of having an excuse to get garters or a garter belt. They’re a $22 investment, but one that a lot of us Dreamers have made because of their stretchy, scrunchy, colourful versatility.


This post was an excuse for Lucy to get a pair in Pale Mint and, as you can see above, for her they are definitely more of an over the knee style, though slimmer or shorter legs will find they hit the thigh high sweet spot more closely.


Depending on your legs and what you’re looking for, there are definitely some other great first thigh high options out there. Drop us a line with your measurements (some tips on what we need to better help you in an earlier post) and what you’re looking for and we’re happy to help you find the right match!