This year, Mother’s Day is May 11th, and hooray for mommas! If you’re looking for a socky treat for a mom in your life (or you’re a mom who is treating themselves), we’ve got some sweet and snuggly options for you!

In previous years on the Sock Journal, we’ve looked at our Mother’s Day Favourites collection, maternity tights and sweet indulgences. It can be tough thinking of good Mother’s Day themes for posts, since moms are people and people love so many different things! I was pretty stumped for what to do this year, but then I realized the holiday gives me the perfect excuse to show off my favourite thing: matching big and little socks.

Probably one of us Dreamers’ favourite things to see is an order with a matching pair of grown-up size socks and baby or kid size socks. The big socks are like the little socks’ momma! So if your feet are the same size or bigger than your moms’ get them one of our eight new plastic gift card designs so they can get what they really want, then sit back and get ready to go “aaaaaw!”

We were excited to be able to offer our fabulous Extraordinary Harvest Rainbows in a family range of sizes. And since they are extraordinary, the Youth fits down to toddler toes and the Junior fits up to middle grade kids (depending on everybody’s shoe sizes, of course!).



Since our Dreamy Bamboo Patterned OTKs are only available in a smaller size in the Ivory, the Little Dreamer Bamboo Socks are a separate entry, but they fit the same great range the Harvest Rainbows do!


More mama and kiddo styles after the jump!

Sweet Marcel has some super sweet kid and toddler styles, a lot of which have matching momma socks (though not all, sadly!). The wee OTK styles match up to adult ankle socks and the midcalf styles match up to midcalf socks. We’ve found their “Kid’s” size fit down to toddler-sized feet and their “Youth” size fits a pretty good range of bigger kid feet (but always, check the Sizing Tips to make sure they’ll work!).

Wee Catherine Baby OTK
Catherine Anklet


Wee Folkore Midcalf
Folklore Midcalf


Sock It To Me offers a bunch of their favourite grown-up styles in little feet options in both knee high and midcalf heights. Like baby ducklings, the little sizes always stick with their mommy, so check the Sizing Tips to see if more sizes are offered. Their “Youth” and “Junior” styles fit a bigger kid range than Sweet Marcel.

Unicorn Knee High


Ninja Power Midcalf


Sometimes the Sock It To Me kid socks have a different colourway than their mommas, but they’re always a cute pair.

Sloths Knee High


Now for some brands that offer just one style in a baby size to match mom! First up, QT Feet offers some snuggly thick cotton for momma and baby:

Picnic Plaid Baby Socks
Picnic Plaid Crews


Last, but not least, the Bones Tube Socks come in three sizes, for grown-ups, kids and wee little ones. The toddler/baby size is the newest and a lot of mommas I know were stoked that the tube-style socks could keep being worn as their babies got bigger, since no formed heel means more foot sizes can fit!

Bone Socks for Kids
Little Bones Socks
Bones Tube Socks


These aren’t even half of the mother and kid sized styles we’ve got! If we don’t list a baby or kid style as a smaller size of an adult style, then we do our best to try and make sure that there’s a link in the main copy or Additional Information on the product page. If you spot one we missed, let us know! Now go give a good mom a hug and have the mother of all Mother’s Days!!