With Spring underway and new items rolling in, we felt it was the perfect time to introduce you to the part of our stockroom team that deals with new and seasonal items! While our house brands -- Dream Stockings and Dreamer Socks -- usually vary only when our yarn supplies run out, our other suppliers are constantly changing! And so it falls upon the part of our stockroom team called “Upstairs” (a holdover from when Sock Dreams was first starting out in a multistory house) to make room for the ever changing selection of new styles!

While we have a lot of hands from various departments assembling orders in the stockroom, the actual organization of this department as well as the huge responsibility of receiving and keeping track of our incoming shipments falls on the shoulders of two ladies: Brenna and Tori.


Brenna started at Sock Dreams in 2007, and does a crazy amount of behind-the-scenes work here, including writing a weekly Sock Journal – somehow she never runs out of inspiration! Her main duty is that of Stockroom Manager, though, and it’s a good thing that she’s a multitasking expert – as she puts it, “The Stock Room team works together to receive stock from our dozens of suppliers, enter it so our awesome customers can buy it and get it put away so us Dreamers can easily and quickly grab what we need for folks’ orders."

"We also do behind-the-scenes work keeping up with figuring out if a style is gone forever or just for a season, making styles easier to find when searching and keeping an eye out for changes in product.” Whew! It’s okay though – this job can be very satisfying to the right type of brain: “Working in the Stock Room is like playing Tetris, only with way more fun variables to sort and swap and fit.”

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to what advanced Tetris skills can achieve. “It’s sad stuff, but we haven’t cracked the science of wormhole storage space, so we are limited in what all we can fit into our stockroom (and still make it easier for Dreamers to get at for orders—a lot of us are short). That’s why sometimes we won’t carry all of a supplier’s styles, or all the colours and variations of a style.”

Brenna's favorite items (shown above, on the right) are the Harajuku Arm Warmers and Easy Does It midcalves. "The Harajuku Arm Warmers are so perfect I have to keep from singing their praises constantly on the Sock Journal. About one million great colours, a solid fit for a wide range of hands, so soft once they’re washed! And, and, they have held up through the endless attack I put them through. Sure, they will pill a little as the world rubs up against them, but that’s what sweater shavers are for. I have a pair that I got because they had a hole in them and in the probably 3+ years of regular wear that hole has never gotten bigger.

"But, if I’ve got to pick a sock, then it is the Sockwell shorter styles, like the Easy Does It Relaxed Fit Striped Midcalf. They are seriously comfortable crews that cushion and don’t bite in at all. I have had a crush on the Plush Relaxed Fit Midcalf for a while, because they’re full terry inside and I’m a sucker for terry."

Brenna’s assistant, Tori, is a newer recruit, starting in 2012. Tori’s primary concern is keeping everything stocked, and that’s a big job for one little lady! Of course, sometimes the ability to stock socks is out of our control, but Tori has some tips on how to be proactive while waiting on stock: “To be notified when an item is restocked, just go to the product page for the item you want, enter your email address, and we’ll notify you when it’s here!”

Tori's favorite legwear is the Floral Bloom Lace Tights from Leg Avenue. "The pattern is so elegant, but adds and extra flare to make any one of my outfits complete. Because of their elegant design I was able to wear them in my last semi-professional job, and everybody loved them! I can wear these any time of the year, although in winter I’d  layering them with some color tights, but I wear these a lot more during the warmer months under skirts and shorts. Even with a lot of wear, what little holes I get haven’t gotten much bigger, but with the design of these tights, I don’t really notice them."

When asked what her favorite part of the job was, Tori’s reply was in classic Dreamer style, “Being surrounded by so many awesome socks I never knew I love, but most importantly it’s the people I work with. It makes coming in to work fun every day!” Indeed, Tori. Indeed.