Spring is here! And, appropriately, Dreamers with April birthdays regularly rock the shorter socks. It’s weird to use third person here, since I’m one of the April birthdays, but what are you gonna do.

Sixten is part of our shipping crew and tends to deal with most of our international shipping quandaries and queries.  His response when I asked him what his favourite socks were revealed a pretty key piece of his personality, because he motioned at the shoes he was wearing and said, that the Squiggle Dots Midcalf went really well with them. Catching a Sixten in the wild is difficult, so you'll have to be satisfied with this product shot, showing the shoes and socks in question.


I think, more than any of us, Sixten loves pairing socks with shoes. I mean, check the cut-out style he wore with the Argyle Compression Knee Highs, or the beetle-iridescent pair he matched with the 666 Knee Highs.


He’s a stylish guy, which is why we find his toes in the coolest midcalves more often than not.

Vapor Midcalf
Revival Stripe Midcalf

Actually, both our feet end up in a lot of the same styles, like Racing Stripes Midcalf (he’s in Navy, I’m in Black).


And, more recently, the Palm Crew (I’m in the sunset-y Navy and he’s in the twilight-y Black).


I’m behind the camera more often than not, but my legs’ particular refusal to keep socks up and my penchant for obnoxious colours means I do end up with my feet in the frame once in a while. Like a lot of long-timers here, I have trouble picking a favourite sock, both because I have so many and because my ultra favourites are ones that no longer exist and that I keep darning since I know there’s no replacement.

Right now, I think my favourite, by pure regularity of wear, are the Acrylic Slouch Socks. Their colours are unrelenting, they’re squishy and warm (I’m sensitive to wool, so acrylic for me!) and oh man, they are brighter than we can ever properly convey across your monitor.


More than socks, though, I’m an arm warmer fiend. I am a big ol’ baby about the cold and yes, I will wear arm warmers with t-shirts and tank tops because I am fancy. My collection is heavy on Harajuku Arm Warmers because they’re the perfect fit, they stand up to lots of wear, and those colours!!


Since it is my birthday month I’m going to go on about myself just a little bit longer! I’m super guilty of loving styles and not wearing them enough and I think the Black Velvet Leggings and the Bella Half-Toe No Shows With Grip are the two I feel the worst about. The leggings are perfect, guys. They’re opaque and stretchy and velvet.  You can’t really ask for more. And I normally hate toe socks, but these half-toes are the best and the grip is so good. I almost want to take up yoga to have an excuse to wear them more.



Okay, I’ll stop talking your ear off and wish you folks as great a springtime as I’m having (which, since it is my birthday month, I’m having a pretty great one!).