One of the most floral ranges of hue is pink, I even recently looked at pastel pinks when talking about the start of spring and cherry blossoms. As we focus on pink specifically this week, I’m going to look at the deeper shades of the hue. I was actually so taken with the range of pinks our suppliers offer that I forgot to take a snap of them all snuggled up on my desk, so you’ll have to be satisfied with this bit of my screen from when I was editing the shots.


Disclaimer time! I’m not trying to define pink. If you want some poem-like lists of names for shades of pink, both Wikipedia and the Color Sorting Wiki are kind of amazing resources. I’ve done my best to accurately represent these hues in relation to each other, so you can gather a good idea of what matches and what doesn’t.

First off, let me note that I’m not looking at pastel tints right now. What makes a pink a pastel instead of a light (or “baby”) pink is a little indefinable, but I draw the line somewhere between the Solid Opaque Thigh High in Light Pink (on the left, below) and the Opaque Thigh Highs with Bows (on the right). The former is light pink, the latter is pastel.


I’m not looking at neons either, we’ll take in electric pink with other eye-searing shades another time.

Now, elastic colour can make a huge difference in how a pink reads. You can see that the heel of the O Chevron on the left is the same colour as the O Basic on the right, but the black elastic of the O Chevron gives the yarn a salmon-y touch.


The size of the stitch and yarn also makes a little bit of a difference, as the Super Stripes on the left and the Pink Knees on the right (both made with Pink and Bubblegum yarn) show.


Let’s look at how our different suppliers do this delicate shade!

DreaM Stockings & Dreamer Socks

Though we don’t offer that many versions of pink, we do quickly run the gamut from bold to soft. The middle shade (Bubblegum) matches pretty well, tonally, between both DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks. Our lightest pink isn’t baby/ballerina pink, there’s a little yellow to it that warms it up.


From left to right: Cotton Slouch, Cotton Slouch, Extraordinary Thigh High, Cotton Slouch



Like a lot of their colour treatments, B.Ella runs richer in hue, with a delicious Raspberry as their darkest pink.


From left to right: Kimi Wool Blend OTKs, Erin Wool & Silk Socks, Meg Unconstricted Top Crew


EG Smith

Though their bootsocks’ pink is quite pastel, they do offer a great lighter pink in a gorgeous heather. And, like B.Ella, offer a delicious raspberry.


From left to right: Heather Over the Knee Stockings, ECO Scalloped Top Crew


Foot Traffic

Their pinks tend to run cold, which is a great option and is probably what keeps their fuchsia from busting into neon or berry in tone.


From left to right: Signature Cotton Leggings, Solid Opaque Thigh Highs, Opaque Tights, Diamond Jester Trouser Socks



As usual, Tabbisocks brings some unique and gorgeous versions of the hue, dabbling heavily in petal-perfect shades of rose (when they aren’t killing it with neon).


From left to right: Color Tights, Harajuku Scrunchy Socks, Harajuku Arm Warmers, Harajuku Leg Warmers



Everybody has some kind of pink, and it often seems like if that’s their only version of the hue, there’s something unique about it.


From left to right: Classic ToeToe Socks, Acrylic Fingerless Shorties, Silk Knee High


 Such a selection of pinks! But do any go together? Are there delightful themes we can group them by? Of course! See it all after the jump!


Bubblegum is probably the best represented across all suppliers. It’s a go-to pink, not too light or dark, not too salmon-y.

From left to right: Extraordinary Thigh High, Cotton Slouch, Signature Cotton Leggings, Acrylic Fingerless Shorties


Baby pink is the next obvious step, though most folks seem to just make a pale pastel. However, the tints that hit that sweet spot between pastel and bubblegum are fabulous.

Solid Opaque Thigh Highs
Harajuku Leg Warmers


Up there with bubblegum is fuchsia. Toeing the line of neon and unapologetically pink.

From left to right: Cotton Slouch, Opaque Tights, Diamond Jester Trouser Socks, Classic ToeToe Socks


And when you let go of neon dreams but none of the saturation, you get berry shades!

Kimi Wool Blend OTKs
Color Tights
ECO Scalloped Top Crew


As berry shades desaturate, you get petal pinks that are practically garden-ready.

Harajuku Scrunchy Socks
Erin Wool & Silk Socks


Keep pulling out that colour and you get these pearl-grey pinks. They’re not beige, they’re not baby pink, they’re dusty and soft and super pretty.

Harajuku Arm Warmers
Silk Knee High


Another puzzler are the shades that are too yellow to be properly baby pink, but too light and still too pink to be coral. Baby coral, I guess would be the right name?

Heather Over the Knee Stockings
Cotton Slouch


And then there’s the Meg Unconstricted Top Crew. It’s coral, let’s be honest. But it has no friends. This aggressive, orangey shade is for the bold and not many suppliers venture into its pinktastic bounds. Rest easy, dear Meg. Someday you will match something.



It’s a hue that people definitely have opinions on (love it, hate it, or super-duper hate it). I personally used to loathe pink and finally realized it never did anything to me, thanks to the flattering tone of baby corals easing me into the hue. What’s your particular pink?