Spring is here and winter is coming!

If you watch the show, you know what we’re talking about. Based on the epic series by George R. R. Martin, the television show Game of Thrones is a visually rich (and rather violent) series that’s starting back up in just a couple of days! It’s really your classic, sweeping, epic fantasy wherein large family tribes battle for honour and glory. But the costumes. Oh MAN, the costumes.

The beautiful hand embroidery and surface embellishment (like these pieces by the amazingly skilled Michele Carragher, for example) help illustrate and underline each character’s loyalties and position. All the families have a crest with a sigil and motto that is worked into the more elaborate costumes. Taking that idea and applying it to socks (naturally), we’ve got some styles to suggest that can add a new layer of meaning to your look. And, of course, dressing up for watching the show is highly encouraged!


House Stark
Motto: Winter is Coming
Sigil: Direwolf, represented by Wild Furry Warmers
Colours: White & Grey, represented by Harajuku Arm Warmers and the Silk Anklets



House Baratheon
Motto: Ours is the Fury
Sigil: Stag, represented by the Antler Midcalf
Colours: Black & Gold, represented by the Gangsta Crews



House Targaryen
Motto: Fire and Blood
Sigil: Three-headed dragon, represented by the Dragon Knee High
Colours: Red & Black, represented by Over the Knee Flames and the Snappy Spiked Sock Garters



House Lannister
Motto: Hear Me Roar!
Sigil: Lion, represented by the Grumpy Cat Leggings
Colours: Gold & Red, represented by the Snappy D-Ring Garters



More houses after the jump!

House Greyjoy
Motto: We Do Not Sow
Sigil: Kraken, represented by the Octopus Arm Cozies
Colours: Gold & Black, represented by the Shimmery Crews in Gold and in Black



House Tyrell
Motto: Growing Strong
Sigil: Rose, represented by the Día de los Muertos Knee High
Colours: Gold & Green, represented by the Maytal Midcalves



House Arryn
Motto: As High As Honor
Sigil: Falcon and moon, represented by the Folklore Midcalf
Colours: White & Sky Blue, represented by the Printed Clouds Toe Socks



House Tully
Motto: Family, Duty, Honor
Sigil: Trout, represented by the Mermaid Armor Over the Knee
Colours: Blue & Red, represented by the Polonova Velvet Gloves with Vines and the Bloody Zombie Thigh Highs



Think you’ve got better sock analogues for these houses? Tell us!! Or even better, show us!