It’s by pure accident that each month’s birthday Dreamers are picking styles perfect for the (Northern hemisphere’s) seasonal weather. And it happens once more with March!

Rosalind runs our Facebook and Pinterest most notably, and you can probably place the blame on her for some of our most egregiously dorky puns. For her recommended style Rosalind picked a perfect option for transitional seasons like spring:

Okay, this might be sacrilegious or something, but the thing that really stands out as my ultimate favorite isn’t actually a sock. The Long Cuffable Scrunchable Leg Warmers are my absolute favorite thing to put on my legs. They’re exactly like one of my favorite socks, only without the sock part. Not having a foot means that I can wear them with shoes that are too tight for thicker socks, or to sleep in (my feet always get too hot if I wear socks in bed). The best thing about them, though, is that you don’t have to wash them after every wear, because there is no foot to get stinky! It’s that rare marriage of fashion and laziness that I love so much.


Toby, the gentleman dog also pictured above, does not seem to have a favourite sock himself, as there is yet no sock that gives you belly scratches. And although he’s snuck into several of Rosalind’s shoots, he’s not the birthday boy here! So, back to Rosalind.

While looking for styles Rosalind has modelled for us, I realised something. More often than not, she models a style that gets discontinued quickly or she models tights! I have no idea why the discontinued styles thing happens, but I do know why we always get shots of her in tights. She’s our long inseam tester and if Rosalind says a style of tights won’t cramp your toes, they won’t cramp your toes.


Floral Bloom Lace Tights
Sheer Star Tights
Striped Tights


Other than legs for miles, Rosalind also has another key skill to bring to product shots: tiny dinosaur. You’d think this wouldn’t be vital for a perfect shot, but that’s crazy talk. Even out of focus, a tiny dinosaur is absolutely necessary.


Godzilla Tabi
Harajuku Arm Warmers


Next up is Lucy, who works in our Customer Service department and is one of my favourite rays of true sunshine. Like a lot of us here, Lucy has a signature colour, which would be the brightest pink you can handle (best when paired with royal purple and deep teal!). Her recommendation is one of the most spring-inspiring socks we’ve got, with flowers and a gradient that is like the season’s transition from cold to warm:

My absolute favorite socks are the Tibetan Flower Crew socks. The fuchsia pair were the first socks I purchased when I started working here, and are every bit as snugly and comfortable as they are gorgeous. Once it looked like we weren’t going to be able to restock them, so I bought a pair in each color, plus an extra fuchsia, just in case. Fortunately, they stuck around, and now they’re my go-to sock. I wear them in boots in the winter and mary-janes in the summer, and one day I’ll probably own enough pairs to wear one each day of the week.


And since they’ve got two new colours (Red and Green, which don’t have pictures up just yet), Lucy won’t even have to repeat a colour of ‘em during the work week! Her love of colour and gameness to try new styles makes Lucy one of the go-to models for crazy toe socks. She’s even got a pair of flip flops stashed away in her desk for sudden toe sock picture emergencies.


Knee High Toe Socks
Color Blocks Toe Socks


How Lucy keeps her sunny, bright cheerfulness even during the big rush of Christmas season is pretty obvious to me. She’s magic. Look, you can tell by the styles she’s modelled. Wizarding school arm warmers? A fairy wand in a picture of sock garters? Clearly, magic. Or maybe, all of us Dreamers are. . .




So onward and ahead to proper spring and shorter socks (if April behaves, anyhow!) Here’s a trick for these transitional seasons: the styles we put into our Autumn category have similar properties to what goes in Spring. For Autumn we just focus on darker colours, less flowers, the warmer end of the midweight scale and wool!