There's just something about impending spring that fires up our crafty itch. Time to make things! Conveniently, March is National Craft Month and just about everywhere online and in the brick & mortar world has lots of fun ideas to kick-start your creative juices.

I love doing our DIY posts here on the Sock Journal, but sometimes the themes can get a bit lost among all the other posts we do. So I'll start you off with a more solid round-up of DIY posts than the gift-oriented roundup I shared around the holidays. Then! I've got one new quickie craft to share with you.

First up, before we really dig in, remember that our DIY Sock Style Pinterest board and our Tumblr's “DIY” tag have awesome crafty ideas from both us and around the web! Plus, our posts in the Tips & Tricks category has more useful sock care and fit resources.


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Now, after the jump, let me add one more idea to your mental craft basket: DIY boot toppers!

We get requests sometimes for boot toppers, those frilly bits that aren't quite a leg warmer and exist to add some flair to your boots, but we haven't found any we super love yet.

Luckily, until then, it's pretty easy to make your own and it's a great way to use that last sock in a Crafty Bundle, or the sad loner sock with a hole in the foot that you don't want to trash yet. Actually, when you look at the list of what you'll need, you can see that boot toppers are a fab way to use a lot of little bits you haven't quite found a use for yet.


What you'll need:

• straightpins •
•needle & thread or sewing machine that can do zig-zag •
•one old sock that is twice as long as you'll need and will fit your calf over pants •
•lace and ruffles at least long enough to go 'round your calf •
•any other bits and/or bobs you'd like •



The whole process is very straightforward. Cut the sock down into two matching short tubes. Reference our post about cutting socks to know if they'll be prone to shedding while you work.



Then, if it's long enough, turn it half inside-out (this is hard to explain, but see the picture), so that the two free edges are together. This makes it so you don't have to worry about hemming anything. But! If you're using just a scrap o'sock it will work just as well with one layer.



Pin your lace, ruffles and fancy bits to what will be the top edge of your topper. Remember! “right side” to “right side” so your stitches won't show later.



You might need to stretch the sock as you pin it to your lace, if the lace isn't stretchy. It's often better to measure the lace to your calf then pin it to the sock, so you don't go and sew it all up and then find it won't stretch past your ankle. I find stretching the sock over something the same circumference as my calf while pinning makes the whole thing easier.



Now just sew 'em together. If you're hand-sewing, remember to keep the sock stretched a bit as you go. If you're using a machine, set it to a tighter zig-zag stitch. If you need to, hem the other end of your topper (I'm using the O Chevrons, so I don't have to). Just running a tighter zig-zag stitch along the free end can be enough.



Now, all that's left to do is rock 'em with your favourite outfit! Boot toppers can add a little extra spice to a look without the bulk of legwarmers.



We've still got a lot of March left, so get crafting! And be sure to share with us your favourite DIY wonders.