It's that time again Sock Dreams fans! Time for Dreamer Jen to pack up all the dreamiest socks and hit the road with her lovely assistant, Dreamer Rose, to spread the love of Sock Dreams. We have a very busy con season this year, and nearly ALL the cons we're attending are out of our home state of Oregon.

To kick off this year's events, we are attending Planet Comic Con, a comic and pop culture convention that takes place in Kansas City, MO on March 14-16. The main attraction of this event is a big Star Trek: The Next Generation reunion, at a special panel called Trek-Tacular! In honor of their appearance, we have made up some very specially themed stickers that will be available at booth #225.


After Planet Comic Con ends, we're back for a week and then we'll be heading up to Seattle, March 28th-30th, for our second year at Emerald City Comic Con. This year we'll have a bigger booth, more socks, new con-exclusive stickers, AND potentially some new swag... We've also been working directly with the creators of ECCC to get them special Emerald City logo socks, which they will be selling at their merch booth. Stop by booth #202 and check us out!

eccc socks

There will be a bunch more events coming up through the rest of spring and into summer. If you live in Kansas City or Seattle, stop by and see us! If you know about a convention in your area that you'd like to see us at, let us know!