Such a short month, yet we still have couple of folks this time around! But their names rhyme, which is pretty fabulous. You might say they're a perfect match! Or—just perfect at matching.

Kori is our CFO, scheduler and number brain extraordinaire! She has a very specific and earthy colour palette and her outfits colour-coordinate like a maestro. RocknSocks are some of her faves and the Uma Striped Over the Knee is the most Kori sock of the bunch! I asked her why exactly she loved these the most and this is what she emailed me:

Why the Umas are my Favourites

By Kori

I wear these socks at least three times a month.  That may not sound so special to you, but as I’ve been working for Sock Dreams for nearly 9 years, I have QUITE the collection of socks by now, and yet I come back to my Umas time and time again. Why?  Because A) Gorgeous colours that you can match with all of your earth tone outfits; B) They are comfy and stretchy; C) They are warm, but not too warm, so you can wear them most of the year.  And D) because Thurman is hot and kicked arse in Kill Bill.  That is all.

I feel like the above missive is actually about why Kori is one of my favourites.


Though most of the time we see her in warm earthtones with the occasional hint of mossy green, the lady can rock a blue like nobody’s business. I know that every one of the Erin Wool & Silk socks she modelled was perfectly matched to an outfit. Or, more properly, an outfit was sculpted to perfectly match these socks!


One of the wonderful attributes about Kori is her ability to match things just right—which is why the Gamer Knee High and Brat Knee High were just as perfect for her as the Paprika O Rayons. She’s just matching her ‘tude!



Now Tori is another great matcher, one of those people with a clear personal colour scheme that means they’ll always coordinate to some degree, no matter what they pull out of their closet. She’s a colourful, skilled whirlwind at our shop, in shipping and in the stock room and says “I don’t have a particular favorite sock, since I love them all, but the brand I always gravitate to are Sock It To Me’s knee high socks. I can always find a pair to go with all my outfits and they’re so funky and fun I just love showing them off!”

And, as regular rocker of shorter pants, show them off she does! Like with the Portland Striped Knee High, which seem to they go with just about everything she owns.


Two Sock It To Me styles Tori has modelled for us are the Fish Kite Knee High (which she had an actual fish kite for!) and the Rainbow Block Knee High.


Tori always brings her game and a perfectly coordinated look. I cannot express the level to which my day was made when she wore the Striped Tights in Red & White and she dressed like a super-hip elf in fuzzy boots, or how perfectly the greens in her dress matched the Color Tights in Pear.



Now really, pretty much all of us here are crazy into colour coordination. And in the dark, short, wild-weather month of February, finding ways to bring some colour into your days is like a rainbow road into spring!